Antim 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Antim: The Final Truth is going steady now on second weekdays. Although collections have come to a lower level now. The film should be steady from Tuesday to Thursday.

Antim opened to 4-5% occupancy in the morning shows of day 12 (2nd Tuesday). Occupancy is low and is expected to be better in evening and night shows. For the same, the 2nd Monday opening was 5% or so.

Antim has crossed 35 crore net in 11 days. The film is heading towards a 37 plus crore net mark by the end of the second week. Week three and four will determine where it will be heading in the long run. Current trend suggests lifetime business is heading towards 40-42 crore net finish.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

2nd Tuesday - 4-5%

2nd Monday - 5%

2nd Sunday - 15-16%

2nd Saturday - 10%

2nd Friday - 6-7%

Thursday - 8%

Wednesday - 8-9%

Tuesday - 9%

Monday - 9-10%

Sunday - 15-20%

Saturday - 12%

Friday - 10-11%

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