83 3rd Day (Sunday) Collection Early Trends and Estimates

83 movie is performing decently on Sunday (3rd day) at the box office as early trends are coming in. Occupancy level on Sunday is similar to that of Saturday. In some places, it is higher and in others, it is less. Overall numbers are almost the same.

83 occupancy details for Day 3 are given below. When samples are compared to Day 2 it is nearly the same with a minuscule drop is seen at a few places. But we don't have the samples of interiors yet and those data will determine whether Sunday's final count will come higher or lower in comparison to Saturday.

83 has collected 29.5 crore net approx in the first two days. The early trend suggests the film's third-day collection is heading towards a 16 (+/-) crore net range. It means the first-weekend collection is heading towards a 45 (+/-) crore net range. 

When we see 83 as Ranveer Singh's film, then business so far can be considered pretty ok. But when we see that this is a festive event film and is a true story made on 1983 world cup triumph, then the business could have been easily better. Considering all factors 83 should have collected 50-55 crore net for the opening weekend. Which is not the case anymore. Let's see how the film does from 1st Monday (4th day) onwards.

Occupancy Report for Sunday (Samples only) - 

Morning - 33-35%

Noon - 55%

Night - 55-60%


  1. Addatoday's own BO lifetime prediction for this movie back in 2019 was 300+ Crore. Now even 45 Cr weekend has become a decent one!!!

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