Sooryavanshi had a potential of 250-300 crores in India

As Sooryavanshi has emerged as a Smash Hit at the box office, it has not only brought smiles to the faces of the makers and movie lovers but also to the healing exhibition sector. Theaters were mostly closed for the last 20 months because of the Coronavirus pandemic and every cinema owner incurred heavy losses. Yes, in between cinema halls were opened but there was hardly any audience.

Post pandemic Sooryavanshi is released in theaters in Diwali festive time. The film not only performed well in the first 2 weeks but also exceeded all expectations. Film rocked from day one and remained steady to date. In fact, the film has crossed 170 crore net in India and is marching towards the 200 crore mark. This is despite a post-pandemic scare and a 50% occupancy cap in many places.

Despite all odds, Sooryavanshi is on track to touch 200 crore net in India alone. It will be touch and go and a few crores here and there. The film has started well in the third week and it is all set for fabulous week three. 

Yes, Sooryavanshi has performed very well so far. But we can't deny the fact that film has faced a loss of at least 15-20% because of the pandemic and 50% occupancy cap. This is the bare minimum number. Otherwise, the film should have been in the 200 crore club by now. In fact, the way the film performed it was a sure shot 250 crore grosser. Who knows even a 300 crore net would have been a possibility if things would have been absolutely normal like prior to this pandemic.

Sooryavanshi is now a mighty challenge also for the highest grosser of the year. There is only one film that might challenge Sooryavanshi for the highest grosser of the year and that is 83. 83 has a very good buzz and if it receives positive responses from all corners then this film can also do wonders at the box office.

There is another film in Antim which may bring a few surprises as it also stars Salman Khan. But again everyone knows he is playing an extended cameo in the film as Aamir Khan did in Secret Superstar. Hence, the chances of Antim doing huge business is unlikely as the main lead of the film has hardly any following. That means if everything falls in place then Akshay Kumar may have his first Highest Grosser of the Year (HGOTY) in Sooryavanshi.

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