Sooryavanshi 3rd Saturday (16th Day) Collection Update, Marching towards 200!

Sooryavanshi has given the killer blow at the box office as the film has shown exceptional hold on 3rd Friday (day 15). The film not only hold well on day 15 but also registered marginal growth from day 14. Thus, it is all set to rule the box office on the third weekend.

Now coming to 3rd Saturday (Day 16). The film is all set to register big growth. In fact, if we go by the advances so far jump should be in excess of 40-50%. It may be even more. It means a fantastic third Saturday and third weekend in on cards now.

Sooryavanshi is eyeing 14-15 crore net for the third weekend at least. It means the film is all set to touch 180 crore net by the end of day 17. That means the film should be close to 190 crore net by the end of the 3rd week. If the film shows better than expected growth through the weekend and reports excellent trending through weekdays then it may even touch or cross the 190 mark.

There are two significant films that are releasing next week. Hence, the screen count for Sooryavanshi will be further reduced. Despite that, it has got good chances of holding few significant screens for the fourth week. That implies it should go close to 200 crore net or even go beyond as only 10 crores or so will be needed from week four onward. 

Sooryavanshi is a Clean Hit at the box office. Even if we forget that film is released post-pandemic and released with a 50% occupancy cap in many parts of India, still it is a smash hit. In fact, if the film shows excellent trending in weeks three and four then it may even emerge as a Super Hit. This was simply unthinkable prior to the release of the film.

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