Bell Bottom Tuesday (6th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Bell Bottom is showing very low occupancy now at the box office as film is totally into weekdays. The film started with low occupancy on Monday and it is even lower on Tuesday (day 6). However, the film did manage decent growth on the second half of Monday and we hope for the same for Tuesday.

Bell Bottom has opened to a low 6% occupancy in the morning shows. For the same samples, the film did manage 8% occupancy on Monday. There should be a jump in occupancy in the second half of the day.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Tuesday -> 6% (Max permissible occupancy 50%) 

Monday -> 8% (Max permissible occupancy 50%)

Sunday -> 8% (Max permissible occupancy 50%) 

Saturday -> 10-11% (Max permissible occupancy 50%) 

Friday -> 10% (Max permissible occupancy 50%)

Thursday -> 10-12% (Max permissible occupancy 50%)

Bell Bottom is holding decent on the weekdays. But numbers are such low that in an ideal scenario film needed an excellent hold. That is missing in the case of the film. As more cinema halls are opening up, we hope that it helps Bell Bottom to sustain well in the coming weeks. Film has touched 15 crore net business in the first five days so far.


  1. Why u don't declare it's a flop show.Don't render excuses by saying corona and people are afraid if so master film would not have done 100crs at the box office...This film is not up to the mark that's the problem it's not working at the box office .

  2. Master was not the first release after pandemic break, people will take some time to get back to cinemas. So let's not blame only the content of movie

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