Bell Bottom 5th Day Collection Early Trends

Bell Bottom is showing a decent hold on Monday (fifth day) at the box office as early trends for the day are coming in. However, despite decent hold collections have come down further and it is in the lower level. Ideally, the film needed excellent hold and should have remained on Thursday or Friday level. That has not happened.

Bell Bottom opened to 8% occupancy in the morning shows. The film showed decent growth in noon shows and recorded 12% occupancy. The film has shown further growth in the evening shows and as per latest registered 15-16% occupancy. 

Occupancy Report of Bell Bottom for Monday (Limited Samples only)

Morning - 8%

Noon - 12%

Evening - 15-16%

It is too early to make any prediction for the day. However looking at the samples we have, Bell Bottom's fifth-day business is trending towards a 1.75-2 crore net range. These are early estimates and actuals may vary.

Thus, Bell Bottom five day total is heading towards the 15 crore net range. The film is fighting hard at the box office and avoided a crash on Monday. But numbers are already at the lower level and it will take some getting from here on to reach a respectable box office total in the coming days.


  1. Numbers not a lower level
    800screen in India with 50%cpty
    = 400scrn = 2cr
    =4000scrn =20cr
    Numbers goes to blockbuster collection

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