Bell Bottom Monday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows

Bell Bottom is into weekdays now and the film long run is very much dependent on the business of Monday (5th day) and Tuesday (6th day) and beyond. A good trending on weekdays will ensure that film should trend well for few weeks and should add up a decent total by the end of its theatrical run.

Now coming to Monday opening of the film. Bell Bottom has opened to low 8% occupancy in the morning shows. For the same samples, Sunday opening was around 8% and Thursday opening was around 10-12%. A low start in morning shows is on expected lines. We hope that film shows good growth in the second half of the day.

Occupancy Report for Morning Shows (Samples only) - 

Monday -> 8% (Max permissible occupancy 50%)

Sunday -> 8% (Max permissible occupancy 50%) 

Saturday -> 10-11% (Max permissible occupancy 50%) 

Friday -> 10% (Max permissible occupancy 50%)

Thursday -> 10-12% (Max permissible occupancy 50%)

Bell Bottom is not released in the Maharastra belt. It is a big dent in the box office business. Plus, wherever the film is released occupancy is capped at 50%. Due to all these factors and plus the scare of the coronavirus pandemic, Bell Bottom has failed to put up a respectable first weekend total. The film has collected an approx 13-13.25 crore net in the extended opening weekend.

Good hold on Monday and Tuesday might help the film to have a long run in theaters. It might even help the film to score a decent box office total. Hence, Monday is very crucial and we hope that film holds well today.


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