Bell Bottom 4th Day Collection Early Trends, Good Jump

Bell Bottom is showing good growth on Sunday (4th day) at the box office as early trends for the day are coming in. The film is still getting affected because of coronavirus scare and 50% occupancy capping. However, it looks like family audiences are coming back to theaters on Sunday which is good news.

Bell Bottom opened to low 8% occupancy in the morning shows today. Occupancy was the lowest of all four days and it is mainly due to the fact that today is Raksha Bandhan. However, the film reported good growth from noon onwards. The film registered an occupancy of 25-27% in noon shows. That is pretty decent. 

The film has held pretty well in evening shows and even showed growth. Evening shows occupancy was around 30%. That is very good considering the maximum permissible occupancy is 50%. When samples of Sunday are compared to Saturday then there is a good growth of 40-50%.

Occupancy Report of Bell Bottom for Sunday (Limited Samples only)

Morning - 8% (Sat 10%)

Noon - 25-27% (Sat 15%)

Evening - 30% (Sat 20-21%)

Early trends suggest Bell Bottom's fourth-day collection is heading towards a 4.25-4.5 crore net mark. These are early estimates from the very limited samples we have. Actuals may vary and will be higher or lower depending on the all-India data.

Numbers are still at the lower level. But a good jump on Sunday assures that film might trend well in the long run. It even gives a hope that film may trend strongly on weekdays and may even on the second weekend. Bell Bottom extended first weekend total is heading towards a 13-13.5 crore net range.

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