Roohi Monday (5th Day) Collection Early Trends

Roohi is registering a significant drop on Monday (Fifth Day) at the box office as early trends are coming in. Although the drop is expected considering today is the start of weekdays. Also, the drop is in the acceptable range when we compare it to the first Friday.

Roohi is reporting an approx 8% occupancy for the day till the last report filled in. Samples are very limited and hence may vary from the actual all-India report. Occupancy is very low when we consider normal pre-covid times. But again these are special times and any kind of occupancy is a good sign. In comparison, Friday occupancy was around 10-11%.

Today ticket prices are also lower than Friday as it is normal weekdays. Hence, business drop will be more than occupancy drop for sure. If we look into the samples till 7 pm IST, then Roohi's fifth-day business is trending towards 1.25 crore net or a bit more than that. Again samples are very limited and night shows reports are awaited.

If the film does well in the night shows and all India report which are awaited at this moment come good then the film can also go close to 1.5 crore net for the day. Roohi five day total is now heading towards a very respectable 13.75-14 crore net range.

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