If and When Theatres will Open Again?

As lockdown is getting relaxed all across India and businesses are back to running (although partially), there is now a good chance that cinema halls might also open soon. Already talks are going on and there is a possibility of theatres opening by the end of June or in July.

It is true that India is facing the biggest challenge of Coronavirus pandemic at this moment as daily new cases are on the rise. Ideally, there should have been strict measures on the lockdown. Everyone's safety is of utmost importance for all.

However, there is a matter of livelihood as hundreds and thousands of people depend directly or indirectly in the theatre business. Hence, there is no other option left except for the opening of the cinema halls. 

Multiplex Association of India has already written the issue to Govt of India regarding the opening of the cinema halls. They are ready to implement strict safety measures and cleaning of the halls from time to time. Employees will wear masks and gloves and thermal screening will be a must. Also, ticketing will be made online to avoid crowding. Social distancing in the seating arrangement will be made mandatory.

As lockdown is not fully successful in combating the pandemic, it looks like social distancing is the latest mantra now. 

As per our assumption, there is a good possibility of theatres opening in India by the end of June of the first part of July. 

Now the big question is, will new films will be released in theatres once they are opened? I think small and medium budget films will have a go as they might get solo release which was not possible pre-corona phase. Biggies such as Sooryavanshi and 83 which are ready to release may delay their release by a few weeks. It will be a wait and watch scenario for them. No doubt that it will be interesting to track the footfalls of theatre-going audiences post-COVID. 

So, what is your thought and when do you think theatres will open in India? When do you think that biggies like Sooryavanshi and 83 will release in theatres? Do let us know in the comment section below.


  1. Sooryavanshi, 83, Radhe will see limited success. If social distancing is put into theatres, then possibly half the theatre seats will be closed so people don't sit next to each other.

  2. I think that it will take about 2-3 months for everything to get normal. Even if cinema halls are opened in about a month the people will be cautious and afraid to watch movies there. Movie watching should be relaxing and pleasurable experience, who will enjoy by watching movie with face mask on and social distancing. Even if we go to cinema hall and someone sneezes and or coughs everyone there will be apprehensive and nervous for the rest of the day.

  3. I already told you than cinemas will open in July but you didn't believe in me. Now see what is happening, my words are coming true. And the first big release will be Shamshera in July end.

  4. High budget movies will be declared FLOP due to coronavirus fear and cinema hall closing majority of available SEATS.

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