Hema Malini Biography, Love Life, Hit Movies, Box Office, Unknown Facts - The Untold Story of Dream Girl

Indian film stars have not only left their magic on the silver screen but also on people's minds. Out of that, only a few manage to leave their footprints forever in our hearts. No doubt, Bollywood is a land of dreams. And have you ever thought what is the most beautiful dream of this dreamland? It has to be none other than 'dream girl' Hema Malini!

Hema Malini is easily the biggest lady superstar of India cinema. She initially starred in South Indian films but didn't get much of a success. She was literally rejected in South India and that's when she got an offer from Bollywood and thereafter no looking back. She debuted with Sapnon Ka Saudagar in 1968 and as we say rest is history.

In all Hema Malini has starred in around 139 films from 1968 till present. Out of these, she has starred in around 50 Hits and Successful films to date. This is a fabulous achievement. Out of those 50 commercially successful films she starred in 7 Blockbusters and 8 Super Hits. Her success rate is 36% which is simply fantastic.

The love life of Hema Malini was nothing less than a film story. It had romance, thrill, and even last-minute suspense. 

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Video Link -> Hema Malini - The Untold Story of Dream Girl. Biography, Love Affairs, Hit Movies, Unknown Facts.

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