Filmography and Detailed Box Office Report of Top Bollywood Actors of All Time

We are building a database covering filmography, detailed box office report of Top Bollywood Actors of all time. Detailed box office analysis include a verdict of each film (whether it is a Blockbuster, Super Hit or Flop or Disaster), Hit and Flop movies list, Hit and Flop ratio, Best and Worst films and other aspects such as HGOTY (Highest Grosser of The Year), HGOTD (Highest Grosser of the Decade) and etc. 

Phase I is completed and we have considered almost all top ones except a few. Those will be updated periodically now. Also in the future we will try to update the filmography and box office report of Top Actress of Bollywood of all time.

Honestly we were thinking of updating the filmography for the longest time. Post COVID period has come as a blessing for us to do this stuff. Yes, we may have made some mistakes in the database update and whenever a mistake is found, we will try to correct that also.

Also, we are going to update the filmography of recent top Bollywood actors. To date we have updated filmography for four actors.

Below is the List of Filmography of Top Actors of All Time. All in alphabetical order. 

Recent Top Actors List


  1. Maximum blockbuster "salman blockbuster khan"

  2. bharat bhusan, balraj sahni, asok kumar, kisor kumar, sanjiv kumar, sasi kapoor, sadrudan sinha, jeki sroff, sunil setty

  3. Lots of mistakes in your analysis. Be it amitabh Rajesh or vinod k

  4. Ajay devgn best action....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. आपने शत्रुघन सिन्हा, जैकी श्रॉफ जैसे स्टार का भी filmography बनाए क्योंकि इन लोगो ने भी अपने समय के स्टार का दर्जा मिला है ।🙏🙏

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