Street Dancer 3D vs Panga vs Tanhaji Screen Count as on 24 January 2020

First of all, it is good news for all Ajay Devgn fans as Tanhaji has managed to retain good screens for the third week. It means the film will enjoy Republic Day weekend and set to collect big again. However, as there are two major releases happening this week in Street Dancer 3D and Panga and because of that screening is reduced significantly. It is still good but significantly reduced from the previous week.

Coming to Street Dancer 3D first. Street Dancer has managed to get around 3200-3300 screens across India. This is just perfect for a film with such face value. It is a three-way battle and most of the benefit is with Street Dancer. The film can strike big at the box office if it registers good occupancy through the opening weekend.

Panga has got around 1200-1300 screens across India. Again screen count is perfect but ideally, it should have been in around 1500 screens. This means there is a screen loss of 200-300. Still, the film can do well as it is for the niche audience. Word of mouth will be highly important and if comes out positive expect a big jump from Friday evening onward and through the whole Saturday and Sunday.

Tanhaji has retained around 1200 screens approx India. This is very good as the film is already in the third week. But again if there had been smaller clash its screen count would have been close to 1700-1800. Means Tanhaji had a loss of 500-600 screens. But again on the other side, it has got more than 1000 screens in the 3rd week which is a rarity nowadays. If Street Dancer 3D or Panga underperforms then there will be an increase in screening from Monday onward. Tanhaji can still strike big in this republic day weekend especially on 3rd Saturday and 3rd Sunday.

The rest of the films have hardly screens left. 

Screen Count as on 24 January 2020

Street Dancer 3D (Week 1) - 3200-3300 screens approx

Panga (Week 1) - 1200-1300 screens approx

Tanhaji (Week 3) - 1200 screens approx


  1. Good newzz ne 200 plus kar liya h jo bhoot badi achievement h. Now preparing for Suryavanshi the Gaint blockbuster on its way. Jasiey TANAJI ne sabki faad di waisey hi Suryavanshi bhi 300 crore maregi. Tab tak TANAJI dekho again and again.

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