Tanhaji 2nd Thursday (14th Day) Collection Early Trends, Historic Second Week on Cards

As early samples for Morning and Noon shows are coming in for Day 14 (2nd Thursday), Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior is heading towards a historic second week now. It will be easily one of the best ever of all time. The film is simply unstoppable and if everything goes well on 3rd Friday then the sky is the limit. The film can still go anywhere.

Tanhaji opened to 13-15% occupancy in the morning shows today. The film did pick up at noon-time and registered 20% occupancy. Samples are very limited at this moment. When samples are compared to the previous day then again drop is 10% or less. Again it is a terrific hold.

Occupancy Report (Limited Samples)

Morning  - 13-15%

Noon - 20%

Evening-Night - n/a

Tanhaji is targeting a 6-6.5 crore net for the day. If the hold in night shows is excellent then numbers could go higher also. It means film second-week business is trending towards an extraordinary 78 crore net range. This is one of the all-time best. Film total business at the end of week two is heading towards 196-197 crore net range. The film should touch 200 crore net on 3rd Friday in all likelihood. The film is a Super Hit and has an outside chance of emerging as a Blockbuster!


  1. Calm down guys u guys acting as if bigger hit than Dangal lol
    It will not get to Kabir Singh collections and that my friend was a monster hit 40 crore budget makin 280 crore plus

    1. Kabir Singh ko chodke aur 1film ka naam Please

    2. But still the movie is superhit.

    3. URI was a monster hit as well 240 crore plus
      Im only saying because article is misleading
      U mention historic if collections were in excess of 300 crore
      The budget of the movie is 150 crore and these fools are claiming it historic lol

    4. By historic they mean historic second week. It will have the biggest second week after Kabir Singh and Sanju in last two years. And considering the opening it got, it indeed is historic.

    5. Dhyaan se padho bhai, "Historic" is movie's trending, movie's 2nd week business & Historic is when an considerably underdog movie does an unimaginable business.
      Learn to understand the underlying meaning, then comment.

  2. It beat every outright Hindi movie in Mumbai incl. Dangal, TZH

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