August 27, 2016

Happy Bhag Jayegi 2nd Friday (8th Day) Box Office Collection. Decent Hold.

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Happy Bhag Jayegi has a decent hold on start of second week. Film collected an approx 1-1.1 crore nett on day 8. Hope now film grows from here on through the second weekend.

Happy Bhag Jayegi total collection after 8 days is approx 18.6-18.7 crore nett. If film shows good jump on 2nd Saturday (9th day) and 2nd Sunday (10th day) then it will collect respectable second weekend total. Also, that will ensure film will recover its investment when non-theatrical revenues are added up.

Happy Bhag Jayegi has a chance of reaching 25 crore nett mark or may be little more than that in its lifetime. If that is achieved it will be some achievement considering film had a slow start on opening day.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 17.6 crore nett.
2nd Friday - 1-1.1 crore nett.

Total - 18.6-18.7 crore nett (approx).

Rustom 3rd Friday (15th Day) Collection Report, Good Hold.

Rustom has managed good hold on 3rd Friday (15th day) at box office. Good start on 3rd week suggest film has enough steam left to roll further in coming days.

Rustom total collection after 15 days is approx 118.25 crore nett. Film will close in or touch 120 crore nett by the end of 3rd Saturday (16th day). Start on 3rd week suggest film should now touch or go past 125 crore nett in its lifetime. 

Also means Rustom will now attain a Super Hit status at box office. Akshay Kumar has already delivered a Super Hit in Airlift and his second one in Rustom is an icing in the cake. He is definitely having a great time in 2016.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 90.9 crore nett.
2nd Week - 26.1 crore nett.
3rd Friday - 1.25 crore nett (est).

Total - 118.25 crore nett (approx).

A Flying Jatt Friday (2nd Day) Collection Report.

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A Flying Jatt has collected around 6 crore nett on 2nd day (Friday) at box office. Film registered a drop of around 15% from previous day.

A Flying Jatt collection are decent so far with Saturday (3rd day) and Sunday (4th day) collections are extremely crucial. Film trending is not that good which is a big concern. Film opened to 7 crore on Thursday but that was also partial holiday because of Janmashtami.

If film shows good jump on Saturday and Sunday, then a respectable extended first weekend is on hand. Otherwise it will be struggle ahead for the film.

Collection Breakup - 

Thursday - 7.1 crore nett.
Friday - 6 crore nett.

Total - 13.1 crore nett.

Sultan Worldwide Collection after 6th Week. Completes 50 Days Theatrical Run.

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First of all big congratulations to Sultan for having a 50 days theatrical run in India. Film not only created storm at box office but also trended excellent as 50 days of theatrical run is rarity nowadays. This is also fantastic considering that film already saw record audiences in first week itself. Plus, there are multiple release each passing week.

Now coming to film Worldwide business. Sultan theatrical run is coming to an end. There is not much now film will collect be it India or Overseas. Sultan has collected an approx 300.45 crore nett at the end of 6th week in India. Weekly collection breakup below.

Collection Breakup for India - 

1st Week - 229.15 crore nett.
2nd Week - 48.8 crore nett.
3rd Week - 15.85 crore nett.
4th Week - 4.45 crore nett.
5th Week - 2.1 crore nett.
6th Week - 0.1 crore nett.

Total - 300.45 crore nett.

Thus, film gross collection after 6 weeks from India is approx 420.65 crores.

Film has collected an excellent $24.38 million [163.3 crores] from Overseas till last report.

Thus, Worldwide collection of Sultan after 6 weeks is a humongous 584 crores approx.

Sultan is 3rd highest grosser of all time in India and Worldwide. Film is 6th highest grosser of all time in Overseas.

Mohenjo Daro 2nd Week Box Office Collection.

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Mohenjo Daro has crashed badly at box office in second week. Actually writing was on the wall as film screening is reduced badly for week two.

Mohenjo Daro has collected around 6.25 crore nett in 2nd week. Film collected around 3.85 crore nett in weekend and added further 2.4 crores in weekdays. Weekdays saw partial holiday which helped the collection a bit otherwise it would have been lower.

Mohenjo Daro total collection after 14 days is approx 57.35 crore nett. Film may struggle to go past 60 crore nett in its lifetime and may wrap up inside that. Film is a big flop at box office.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 51.1 crore nett.
2nd Week - 6.25 crore nett.

Total - 57.35 crore nett.

August 26, 2016

A Flying Jatt 1st Day Box Office Collection Report. Decent.

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A Flying Jatt had a decent start at box office on first day (Thursday). Film got benefit from partial Holiday on occasion of Janmashtami.

Film collected an approx 7.1 crore nett on day one. Collections are good but considering film is released in wide screen and that also in partial holiday, business could have been better.

A Flying Jatt needs to hold well now on Friday (2nd day). If film holds well then it may see jump on Saturday and Sunday which will lead to respectable first weekend total.

As for film word of mouth it is mostly mixed. Tiger Shroff has given two back to back hits in Heropanti and Baaghi and it will be interesting to see whether he can deliver a Hattrick of success or not with A Flying Jatt.

Happy Bhag Jayegi First Week Box Office Collection. Decent!

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Happy Bhag Jayegi has a decent 1st week box office collection. Film remained solid in weekdays. Collection could have been better had film started better on opening Friday.

HBJ collected an approx 6.85 crore nett in weekdays from Monday to Thursday. Thus, film total collection after week one is approx 17.55 crore nett. Film business for week one is decent considering film is made on low budget. However it needs another good week to reach safety.

Had HBJ started better on Friday film may have reached closed to safe zone by now. But that is not the case now. Anyways trending of the film is looking positive and there is every chance that it may have a decent to good run in week two also.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 2.3 crore nett.
Saturday - 3.7 crore nett.
Sunday - 4.7 crore nett.
Monday - Thursday - 6.85 crore nett (est).

Total - 17.55 crore nett (approx).

Rustom 2nd Week Box Office Collection, Good.

Rustom had a good second week at box office as film has collected an approx 26 crore nett. Film showed good jump in 2nd weekend and after that remained steady in weekdays.

Rustom collected an approx 9 crore nett from 2nd Monday to 2nd Thursday. Film also got little benefit from Janmashtami Holiday but again that factor was compensated by release of A Flying Jatt. Rustom total collection after 2 weeks is approx 117 crore nett.

Film should in all likelihood go past 120 crore nett mark in its lifetime. 130 crore mark is now looking out of reach and only be achievable if film shows miraculous hold on 3rd Friday.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 90.9 crore nett.
2nd Friday - 4.4 crore nett.
2nd Saturday - 5.75 crore nett.
2nd Sunday - 6.95 crore nett.
2nd Monday - 2nd Thursday - 9 crore nett.

Total - 117 crore nett (approx).