April 28, 2016

FAN (2016) Movie Business and Economics? Is it Profitable or not?

Just few days back we posted an article regarding FAN is HIT or FLOP. After the declaration of trade verdict now let's move on to see FAN Business and Economics side. Whether FAN is Profitable or will it entitle Losses? How things stack up for FAN when non-theatrical revenues are also added up. Let's do the analysis.

FAN Budget - Film landing cost is INR 105 crores (inclusive of P&A).
FAN India Theatrical Collection - INR 84-85 crore nett (expected).
FAN India Distributor Share - INR 39-40 crores (expected).
FAN Overseas Theatrical Collection - INR 72-73 crore (expected from first phase business only).
FAN Overseas Distributor Share - INR 30-31 crores (expected).
Satellite Rights - Sold to Sony for INR 50 crores approx with box office performance clause. Since, film has failed to collect 100 crore nett in India, price will be reduced by at least 10 crores (Satellite Rights price is re-valued in special cases like when a film is over performs or under performs than expected level. In case of FAN it has under performed immensely in India). Actual price should be anywhere between INR 35-40 crores.
Home Video + other Non-theatrical Returns - INR 5 crores approx.
Total Theatrical Recovery - INR 70 crores approx.
Total Non-Theatrical Recovery - INR 40-45" crores approx.
Gross Recovery - INR 110-115 crores approx.

Profit - Gross Recovery - Film Budget = [110 to 115] - 105 = 5 to 10 crores of Profit.

" Will vary as Satellite Rights price will be re-valued once FAN ends its lifetime run in India.

Overall FAN is break even for Producers at least. Not only that they might have a decent profit of 5-10 crores from the film, despite film failing to do desired business in India theaters. Reason, of course good Satellite Rights price and decent theatrical return from Overseas.

TE3N Movie First Look. Releases on 10 June, 2016.

Here is presenting few first look pictures of TE3N movie starring Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Film is slated for release on 10th June, 2016. Film is directed by Ribhu Dasgupta and produced by Sujoy Ghosh. TE3N has a stellar star cast of amazing 3 people in Amitabh, Vidya and Nawazuddin and it will be amazing to see them together in a single frame in big screen. Much to look for.

TE3N First Look Pics

The Jungle Book 3rd Wednesday (20th Day) Collection in India. Crosses 150 crore.

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The Jungle Book has touched 150 crore nett in India in 20 days flat. This is simply Historic. First Hollywood film ever to do so in India. It is highest grossing Hollywood film in India and that also by mile. What's more film is still unstoppable and looking now to cross 175 crore nett in coming days. Film is trending extraordinarily right now and collections are rock steady.

TJB has collected around 2.95 crore nett on 3rd Wednesday. Business is nearly same as on previous day with hardly any drop registered. Film 3rd week collection is now heading towards fantastic 30.5-30.75 crore nett mark. There will be a significant release Baaghi coming this Friday. Still TJB should retain good amount of screening for 4th week running and again do well. All Time Blockbuster!

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 74.95 crore nett.
2nd Week - 47.45 crore nett.
3rd Weekend - 18.8 crore nett.
3rd Monday - 3 crore nett.
3rd Tuesday - 3 crore nett.
3rd Wednesday - 2.95 crore nett.

Total - 150.15 crore nett (approx).

April 27, 2016

The Jungle Book 3rd Tuesday (19th Day) Collection Report, Rock Solid.

The Jungle Book is rock steady on 3rd Tuesday (19th day) at box office. Film has put up similar figures as like 3rd Monday. Film collected an excellent 3 crore nett on day 19. Thus, film has collected around 24.8 crore nett in 5 days of 3rd week. Also, film is on course to touch 150 crore mark today, which will be an outstanding achievement in itself.

The Jungle Book total collection currently stands at around 147.2 crore nett. Film will touch 150 crore mark on day 20 that is today. Next target for film is now to touch 175 crore nett in its lifetime. Looking at film current trending anything is possible now. Film has exceeded all expectations of trade and doing some unbelievable business right now in India. TJB is a landmark film in Indian Box Office and its benchmark will be difficult to overhaul by any Hollywood movies in India in near future.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 74.95 crore nett.
2nd Week - 47.45 crore nett.
3rd Weekend - 18.8 crore nett.
3rd Monday - 3 crore nett.
3rd Tuesday - 3 crore nett.

Total - 147.2 crore nett (approx).

April 26, 2016

FAN 2nd Monday (11th Day) Collection Report.

Writing is on the wall for FAN as film has registered further big drop on 2nd Monday (11th day) at box office. Film is totally rejected by audiences and film collections are coming down rapidly with each passing day. FAN has collected an approx 1 crore nett on 2nd Monday. Thus, film has registered more than 40% drop from 2nd Friday. This is despite the fact that 2nd Friday collections are already in lower region.

FAN total collection after 11 days stands at approx 81.25 crore nett. Film second week business is now heading towards 11 crore nett mark. Film lifetime collection is heading towards 85 crore nett mark.

India Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 71.5 crore nett.

2nd Weekend - 7.75 crore nett. 
2nd Monday - 1 crore nett.

Total - 81.25 crore nett (approx)

The Jungle Book 3rd Monday (18th Day) Collection Report, Super Strong.

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The Jungle Book has remained super strong on start of 3rd Monday (18th day) at box office. Film has collected a fantastic 2.9 crore nett with a nominal drop of around 15-20% from 3rd Friday. Occupancy drop is even less because Monday ticket prices are lower than that of Friday. Film is trending outstanding and 3rd weekday is also heading for excellent numbers.

The Jungle Book has collected around 144 crore nett. Film should touch 150 crore nett mark on 3rd Thursday which will be a landmark in History of Hollywood films in India. No Hollywood film is close to TJB right now and it is setting new benchmark which will be very difficult to overhaul in coming days. Now since 150 crore mark is soon to be achieved, what is the next target of TJB? 175 crore? Who knows. Never say never.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 74.95 crore nett.
2nd Week - 47.45 crore nett.
3rd Weekend - 18.8 crore nett.
3rd Monday - 2.9 crore nett.

Total - 144.1 crore nett (approx).

April 25, 2016

Open Letter from a Proud Shah Rukh Khan 'FAN'.

We rarely post Guest comment as article. But here is one True Fan of Shah Rukh Khan, Mr. Kunal Anand, who has posted something special in our comment section. We believe he is not only true SRK fan, but also true fan of movies and other stars. It takes something special inside to stand like a rock with your favorite actor be it failure or success.

Here is what Kunal says -

Yes, as Addatoday said, FAN is undoubtedly a FLOP when we consider the BO collection. A movie of 105crs budget collects 80crs after 2nd weekend and in all probability it will be in the range of 85-86crs then it must b tagged as FLOP. No denial of this fact. Here, I won't even try to give any excuse like non holiday, no songs or dance, or any other reason which generally a fan should give. Yes, as a true fan I don't have any issue to accept that SRK has tasted a BO failure after really long 11 yrs (last was paheli in 2005). 

But here comes the tricky part like gaurav said asli drama to ab shuru hoga.

1. Who else has got his first BO FLOP after a huge gap of 11 yrs?

2. SRK dared to do the experimental kind of cinema and he failed BO wise just like in Swades. So does it mean Swades was a crap or bullshit. Obviously NO. FAN has been applauded, for SRK performance from every possible critic reviews. So it can be easily said that FAN is a success in terms of cinematic experiment. Atleast someone tried to do something out of the box. Remember only those people fall who dares to walk. 

3. Has SRK stardom (Read career, like most brainless haters say) ended with FAN debacle??? My take did SRK vanished after swades??? No boy, SRK is not just a wonder of few movies or belongs to filmy family. A young energetic dynamic average looking guy from Delhi came in late 80s and has reached to this worldwide stardom n success due to his hard work, determination n dedication. Only he dared to play grey characters when every leafing actor was playing safe romantic charming chocolaty hero roles. SRK has every time came back n came hard whenever he faced a failure either it's BO or quality roles. This time it's a BO success which is not a difficult to achieve with a typical Bollywood masala entertainer. He can do this at any time without much effort like he did CE.

4. As a SRK fan I m immensely satisfied that after few really ordinary performances like HNY n Dilwale he showed the old srk again I'm terms of acting by his superlative portrayal of Gaurav in FAN. I m happy that he has some really quality films lined up like Raees, Anand L Rai next, Imtiaz Ali next, Aditya Chopra next, Gauri Shinde next, Don 3 n lots more.

5. To all fans, chahe kisi v actor k ho, Will Smith said a very meaningful line: "If you can't b with me in my failure then you don't deserve to b with me in my success." 

So guyz always stand like a rock with your favorite actors be it failure or success. I stood with SRK in supersuccess phase, I stood with him in failure phase and I stand with him today as well tomorrow also. Proud to b a SRK FAN.

From a true FAN..