June 19, 2018

Race 3 Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Early Trends. Good Hold.

Race 3 has shown good hold again on Tuesday (5th day) at box office as early trends are coming in. When same samples of Tuesday are compared with Monday then there is a drop of 15-20%. This is acceptable. Drop is again more in multiplexes in comparison to single screens.

Race 3 opened the day with occupancy of around 18-19% in Morning. Film picked up in Noon to register occupancy of around 25-30%. Film further picked up from Evening and as per latest registering occupancy of around 35%.

Race 3 Fourth Day (Monday) Box Office Collection. Remained Strong.

Race 3 has reported a decent hold on Monday (fourth day) at Indian box office. Film has collected an approx 14.25 crore nett with a 50% drop from Friday. Drop is significant but again collections are good. Definitely considering it is a Salman film hold could have been better.

Race 3 hold well in single screens, whereas drop is significant in multiplexes. Mass dominated centers hold strong, whereas big downward slide in rest. It is the single screens and mass dominated centers which will take the film from here on. 

Race 3 Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows.

Race 3 has started slowly on Tuesday (Day 5) Morning shows at Indian Box Office. As early samples are coming in film is registering an occupancy of about 18-19% which is a drop of around 15% from Monday. Hold is again decent from Monday.

Race 3 should pick up as day progresses and we expect film to have best occupancy in Evening and Night shows. As Monday reports of the film is out. Film trending is just decent. On Monday film registered a drop of around 50% from Friday. Ideally, a drop of 40% or less is touted as good. 

June 18, 2018

Race 3 4th Day (Monday) Collection Early Trends. Good Hold.

Race 3 has shown good hold on Monday (4th day) at box office as early trends for the day is coming in. Race 3 on one hand registering significant drop in multiplexes, but on other hand holding pretty well in single screens. Drop at mass centers is minimal, whereas at others is noticeable. Varied reports are coming in from varied places so far.

Film opened to around 20-25% occupancy in Morning shows today. That's a decent start to the day. Film then picked up in Noon to record occupancy of around 30-35%. Film further picked up from Evening onward and as per latest registering occupancy of around 40-45%.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Second Weekend Business in China.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha has shown monumental drop in 2nd weekend at China Box Office. This means, film may wrap up inside $15 million which was simply unthinkable after the first weekend business. Sad part is Chinese distributors who invested in the film will lose money now. They invested around $7 million for marketing in China.

Toilet has collected a paltry $0.57 million in total in 2nd weekend (Fri + Sat + Sun). This is absolute shocking. Toilet total business in China is approx $13.93 million. Film has every chance of finishing its lifetime business inside $15 million now. Who would have predicted that after film collecting $9+ million in first weekend.

Collection Breakup

Week 1 -> $13.35 million

Week 2 -> 

Fri -> $0.13 million
Sat -> $0.2 million
Sun -> $0.24 million

Total -> $13.93 million.

Race 3 Monday (4th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Crucial Test Begins.

Race 3 has taken a slow start but decent start at ticket counters on Monday (Day 4) Morning shows as early samples are coming in. Samples are from multiplexes only. There is no doubt when Single Screens opens today it may again open well. That might be good news for makers as SS trends to tend better than multiplexes in India. Race 3 is doing outstanding so far in SS.

Now coming to Race 3 opening today. Film has registered an occupancy of 20-25% in multiplexes across India. Single Screens are not started and hence reports are awaited. For the same samples, Friday opening was around 45%.

Parmanu survives Race 3 Scare in 4th weekend.

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Parmanu has withstood the Race 3 storm this weekend and still doing well. In fact, film benefit big on Saturday from EID holiday. Film in process has crossed 60 crore mark also in India. Film lifetime collection will definitely touch 62 crore nett mark. In fact 63 or even 64 is also possible right now.

Parmanu added around 35 lakh nett on 4th Friday and a 85 lakh nett on 4th Saturday and 4th Sunday each. Parmanu total business after 24 days is approx 60.85 crore nett. Film will close in on 62 crore nett mark by the end of fourth week. Film is a Hit at box office.

Collection Breakup - 

Week 1 - 35.4 crore nett.

Week 2 - 16.4 crore nett.

Week 3 - 7 crore nett.

Week 4 - 

Fri - 0.35 crore nett.

Sat - 0.85 crore nett.

Sun - 0.85 crore nett.

Total -> 60.85 crore nett.

Race 3 First Weekend Box Office Collection. Scores a Century! Mindboggling!

Race 3 has hit the ball for a mega Six in opening weekend at box office. Film has thus crossed magical 100 crore mark in just 3 days. Immense fan following of Salman Khan and benefit from Eid has helped film to collect big in opening weekend. Now it is upto the content which will tell whether film has legs to collect 200 crore or beyond in coming days.

Race 3 has collected a massive 39.15 crore nett on Sunday (3rd day) with a further little growth from Saturday. This is terrific considering Saturday was a National Holiday. Plus, Saturday Night shows grew, whereas Sunday Night shows dipped. In fact, till Sunday evening Race 3 was on track to touch 40 crore mark.

June 17, 2018

Race 3 3rd Day (Sunday) Collection Early Trends. Simply Unstoppable.

Race 3 is simply unstoppable on Sunday (3rd day) at box office as early trends for the day is coming in. Film is rock solid in multiplexes, whereas film is reporting Housefull shows in all leading single screens across India. There is not a single ticket available for any shows in the leading SS today.

Means, Race 3 is heading for another massive day. As we write film is certain to collect in excess of 35 crore nett for the day. In fact current trending suggest, film is set to collect in excess of 37-38 crore mark. It is touch and go for 40 crore. Good part is major single screens report for the day is awaited. If film creates havoc there then film will zoom past 40 crore mark for the day.