Kalki 2898 AD Surpasses ₹500 Crore GBOC Worldwide in the Extended First Weekend

Kalki 2898 AD Surpasses ₹500 Crore GBOC Worldwide: A Box Office Sensation

In an extraordinary feat, the much-anticipated film Kalki 2898 AD has crossed the magical ₹500 crore mark in global box office collections (GBOC) in the extended first weekend. The film garnered an impressive ₹100 crore+ on its fourth day, bringing its worldwide total to ₹539 crore GBOC. The film is a smash hit and should emerge as a blockbuster before the end of the first week.

Box Office Performance

India Collections:

"Kalki 2898 AD" has taken the Indian box office by storm, amassing ₹362 crore GBOC, with a net box office collection (NBOC) of ₹300 crore. The day-wise breakdown in India is as follows:

Day 1: ₹95 crore NBOC approx
Day 2: ₹56 crore NBOC approx
Day 3: ₹65 crore NBOC approx
Day 4: ₹84 crore NBOC approx
Total: ₹300 crore NBOC approx

Overseas Collections:

The film has also made a significant impact in the international market, collecting ₹177 crore GBOC. The overseas day-wise breakdown is:

Day 1: ₹75 crore ($9 million) GBOC approx
Day 2: ₹39 crore ($4.7 million) GBOC approx
Day 3: ₹32 crore ($3.8 million) GBOC approx
Day 4: ₹31 crore ($3.75 million) GBOC approx
Total: ₹177 crore ($21.2 million) GBOC approx

Total Collections:

Day 1: ₹190 crore GBOC approx
Day 2: ₹107 crore GBOC approx
Day 3: ₹110 crore GBOC approx
Day 4: ₹132 crore GBOC approx

Worldwide Total: ₹539 crore GBOC approx

A Monstrous Hit

Kalki 2898 AD is emerging as a monstrous hit at the box office. The film's success reflects its widespread appeal and the audience's eagerness to experience its cinematic brilliance.

The phenomenal response to Kalki 2898 AD underscores its status as a major blockbuster, setting new benchmarks for future releases. As the extended first weekend business has come to an end, all eyes are on the film's continued box office journey.

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