Godzilla x Kong First Week Box Office Collection in India

Godzilla vs. Kong had an impressive first week in India, crossing the 50 crore net mark and maintaining strong performance. The film is expected to continue its success in the second weekend. Currently, the film's total collection stands at around 56 crore NBOC. It is projected that the lifetime collection of the film will reach the 80-90 crore net mark, solidifying its status as a hit in India.

Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 - 12.75 cr net 

Day 2 - 11.75 cr net

Day 3 - 13 cr net

Day 4 - 6 cr net

Day 5 - 5 cr net

Day 6 - 4 cr net

Day 7 - 3.5 cr net

Total - 56 cr net approx

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