Fighter Fifth Week Box Office Collection: It's Solid Again

"Fighter" had a decent fifth week, with the film trending well and collecting approximately 3 crore net. This achievement pushed its total collection to the 210 crore mark by the end of Day 36. However, as the film enters its sixth week, its collection is expected to decline significantly due to extremely limited screen availability. It is anticipated that the film will only add a few more crores to its lifetime collection, likely wrapping up around the 212-213 crore net mark. Ultimately, "Fighter" has been classified as an Average verdict at the box office.

Fighter Collection Breakup:

Week 1 - ₹149.5 cr net approx

Week 2 - ₹37.95 cr net approx

Week 3 - 13.25 cr net approx

Week 4 - 6.7 cr net approx

Week 5 - 3 cr net approx

Total - ₹210.4 cr net approx

Overseas - ₹99.5 cr GBOC approx*

Worldwide - ₹348.8 cr GBOC approx*

Verdict - Average

*Data to be updated

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  1. How come your verdict is average?
    A film with a budget of 300 crores collected a net of 200 crores, then how is it possible to get an average verdict?

    Was this movie bought by the distributor in India for 100 crores? Of course not, how come your verdict is Average?

    #Change DUNKI movie final Verdict.
    DUNKI in OVERSEAS - BLOCKBUSTER with 200cr Gross collection.
    DUNKI in INDIA - HIT/Super Hit with 230cr Net collection.
    Worldwide - Super Hit with 470cr Gross collection (If added OTT streaming, TV satellite and music rights then it is BLOCKBUSTE for makers).

    Don't be biased towards Shahrukh Khan movies.

    1. If a movie is bought for 100cr, then the verdicts would be following as best to my knowledge:
      <100 flop
      100-125 average
      125-150 above average
      150+ hit

      If fighter was sold at 200cr it would be average/above in the range of 200-250. It will recover 35cr overseas, a lot more digitally, TV, music...So with a 250cr+ budget it may not have been sold at more than 200 cr to distributors. It will end with 215 using Adda's numbers. That's average or above depending on the selling price.

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