Word of Mouth (WOM) Meter for 2024 (Bollywood or Hindi Dubbed) Films

Introducing the Word of Mouth (WOM) Meter – a gauge indicating the acceptance of a film by theater-going audiences. Upon a film's release, we diligently gather feedback from audiences who have experienced it in theaters.

Respondents are requested to rate the film on a scale of 10, encompassing diverse opinions from both metropolitan areas and select interior towns across India. A Word of Mouth rating, presented on a 10-point scale, will be assigned to every upcoming film release. To ensure accuracy, we continually update our section when sufficient samples for a new film are collected. However, it's important to note that the initial word of mouth for a recently released film may fluctuate daily as additional samples are amassed. We eagerly anticipate valuable feedback from our readers to refine the model's stability in the future.

Key Points:

The publication of the Word of Mouth (WOM) Meter is contingent upon the collection of a substantial number of samples. Non-publication may be attributed to the film's lack of audience approval or logistical challenges on our end.

WOM Meter ratings are provided on a scale of 10, with decimals rounded to the nearest digit.

The WOM Meter for a newly released film may exhibit variability; therefore, we encourage readers to await 2-3 weeks for the final rating.

Exclusive sampling from theater audiences is employed for the WOM Meter, ensuring no inclusion of individuals affiliated with the film industry.

It's essential to recognize that a film's success at the box office may not align with a favorable WOM Meter, as our reporting does not consider box office performance, and vice versa.

A film with a good WOM meter may perform poorly at the box office, as we do not consider box office performance in our reporting, and vice versa.

The WOM Meter samples will exclusively be sourced from theater audiences. Individuals affiliated with the film industry will not be included in the data collection process.

WOM Meter of films released in 2024 (In Release Order) -

(on Scale of 10)
1 Merry Christmas 7.0
2 Hanu Man
3 Fighter 7.3
4 Teri Baaton Mein
Aisa Uljha Jiya
5 Article 370 8.1
6 Crakk 6.5
7 Laapataa Ladies 7.4
8 Shaitaan 7.4
9 Yodha 7.1
10 Swatantra Veer Savarkar 6.8
11 Madgaon Express 6.9
12 Crew 7.0
13 Bade Miyan Chote Miyan 6.0
14 Maidaan 7.0
15 Srikanth 7.4
16 Mr. & Mrs. Mahi 6.6
17 Munjya 7.5

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