Dunki Third Week Box Office Collection: It's Decent

Dunki Box Office Collection

In its third week at the box office, "Dunki" collected a decent 15 crores net. Despite maintaining a steady pace, the collections remained at a lower level. Nevertheless, the film successfully reached the 215 crores net mark and is poised to touch 220 crores net in India.

On a global scale, the film's collection at the end of the third week reached 445 crores gross. It is anticipated to comfortably surpass the 450 crores GBOC, with the possibility of adding more post that.

"Dunki" has achieved the status of a BIG HIT in the overseas market, while in India, it stands as an Above Average success. Considering the film's face value and release period, its collections could have been better. Overall, the film has underperformed at the box office, especially considering the pre-release hype. However, surpassing the 200 crore mark in India is no small feat, showcasing the significant star power of Shah Rukh Khan at the moment.

Dunki Box Office Collection Breakup (Net Collection) - 

Day 1 (Thursday) - 29.2 cr net

Day 2 (Friday) - 20.1 cr net

Day 3 (Saturday) - 25.6 cr net

Day 4 (Sunday) - 30.7 cr net

Day 5 (Monday) - 23 cr net

Day 6 (Tuesday) - 10 cr net

Day 7 (Wednesday) - 8.9 cr net

Day 8 (2nd Thursday) - 7.75 cr net

Week 1 (8 Days) - 155.25 cr net approx

Day 9 (2nd Friday) - 6.5 cr net

Day 10 (2nd Saturday) - 9 cr net

Day 11 (2nd Sunday) - 11 cr net

Day 12 (2nd Monday) - 9 cr net

Day 13 (2nd Tuesday) - 3.75 cr net

Day 14 (2nd Wednesday) - 3.2 cr net

Day 15 (3rd Thursday) - 2.75 cr net

Week 2 - 45.2 cr net approx

Day 16 (3rd Friday) - 2.2 cr net

Day 17 (3rd Saturday) - 3.4 cr net

Day 18 (3rd Sunday) - 4.1 cr net

Day 19 (3rd Monday) - 1.5 cr net

Day 20 (3rd Tuesday) - 1.4 cr net

Day 21 (3rd Wednesday) - 1.3 cr net

Day 22 (4th Thursday) - 1.2 cr net

Week 3 - 15.1 cr net approx

Total ~ 215.55 cr net approx

Dunki India Collection Gross - 255.4 cr 

Dunki Overseas Collection in Gross - 189 cr* ($22.75 million)

Dunki Worldwide Collection ~ ₹444.4 cr*

Verdict - Above Average**

* to be updated

** to be declared

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  1. Yashraj ki tarah corporate booking nahi ki... Shahrukh ki aukat asli dikh gayi...he is flop

    1. srk ne kai logon ko aukat aur kaam dhande pr laga diya ghar pr bina kaam ke baithe the kam se kam corporate word toh seekhe

  2. bakhrukh rukh gaya . now it looks impossible for him to give 3 back to back all time blockbuster like king aamir. Giving blockbuster in a social comedy drama in no cup of tea and giving a all time blockbuster is a whole different level. The level that only king aamir process in bollywood

    1. Should i remind you the fate of your king amir's last movie which is also social drama?

  3. Pretty bad collection for a Hirani movie. The first non-superhit of Hiranis career.

  4. Considering the budget of Dunki it will be surely Super Hit or Maybe Blockbuster worldwide. If Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahaani declared Hit by Addatoday and all other websites, then Dunki at least must be Super Hit or even get Blockbuster tag before the end of Theatrical run.
    85 Cr budget movie collected 250cr net India then it is Average, wow.
    and 450cr budget movie Salaar collected 500cr net India is Hit wow. Kya biasness hai.
    Dunki will easily do at least 450cr Gross worldwide in worst scenario from today. But if sustain well from today then there is a chance to get 500cr gross numbers. So don't Judge Dunki movie on stardom level of SRK and Raju Hirani, judge as per the movie budget.

  5. Movie achi hai.. But jawan aur dunki me sirf 3month ka difference tha.. Isliye collection me fark pada... Movie hit hai.. Kyunki budget 120 crore +25 crore pr(150 crore) net collection 240 crore hoga.

  6. Tiger 3 300cr+ budget
    India net - 280cr
    Status - hit
    Dunki 120cr budget
    India net - 200cr+
    Status - average
    Please explain

    1. Brother AK
      Salaar Budget 450cr (Websites showing 200-250cr budget after release of 3 days including Addatoday) - India Net 373cr - Verdict Semi-Hit/Hit.
      But Dunki - Budget 120cr - India Net 200cr - Verdict - Average/Above Average. It means everything paid.

      Worldwide Dunki will do at least 440-450 Gross and considering budget movie must get WORLDWIDE BLOCKBUSTER status and India Super Hit (As per Trade collection)

      Every movie should get box-office verdict as per their respective budget and not Actor's Stardom.
      In my opinion Salaar movie is clear Average in all languages as per India Net collection (As per trade), Worldwide it might get HIT status, but i don't know why nobody is talking about that.

  7. For Dunki addatoday giving trade collections but for Salaar why not giving trade collection.
    As pre Boxofficeindia on Tuesday
    Dunki - 3.75cr
    Salaar - 3.75cr (Hindi)

    As per addatoday
    Dunki - 3.75cr
    Salaar - 4cr (Hindi) See the biasness of addatoday.

  8. Wah re admin, kis gola se aaye ho aap aur kis calculator se calculate kiya hai. Salaar budget 300 crores, hindi net 150 crores and film will be hit and Dunki budget 85 crores only, 230-250 crores net collection. But film will be average. So biased..

    1. Salaar ka original budget 400-450cr hai, aur agar Hindi mein 150cr karta hai to Hindi mein Hit ho jaayega no doubt but all language mein hit hone ke liye kam se kam 550-600cr India Net collection karna padega.

  9. Dunki budget is 200cr approx. See Bollymoviereviez for confirmation. There Dunki is only Average in the Indian market.

    1. Achcha sab website 85-120cr bata rahey hai aur yeh Bollymovierviez kaun hai. Aur Salaar ka kitna budget bata raha hai. Starting mein sab log 400-450cr budget bata rahey they ab maximum websites ne Salaar ka budget achaanak kam kar diya aur ab 200-250cr bata rahey hai. What nonsense is going on. I am a die hard SRK fan but i accept reality.

  10. barely gonna do 1cr footfalls in the theatre which is not even one third of 3 idiot footfalls forget half . dunki is the biggest disappointment of the year and the biggest disappointment in hirani's career . More disappointing news for srk fans looks like pathaan is not getting a all time blockbuster verdict by boi only jawaan is getting the verdict so srk has only 3 all time blockbusters now . Catching king aamir is really a tough game now

  11. Ab footfalls ki baat karne lage. Post pandemic log keval mass film hi dekhna chahte hai. Salman ki mass film KBKJ ka 50 lakh footfalls v nai aur spy universe ki tiger 3 only 1.3cr ff hai. Doesn't matter Pathaan ka kya verdict hai , Srk Aamir se big actor hai . 2600 cr worldwide collection single year me .Aamir drama film Laal Singh chaddha lekar aaya film only 50 cr business kiya. Dangal k baad koi hit nai diya .Srk ki potential lineup achi hai but Aamir jyada film nai karta .next kuch years Srk hi rule karega.

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