Tiger 3's Excellent Advance Booking Sets Box Office Ablaze

The excitement is building, and the box office is already feeling the impact of the much-anticipated Bollywood blockbuster, Tiger 3. The third installment in the Tiger franchise, starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, is generating tremendous buzz as evident from its outstanding advance booking numbers.

Even on the traditionally considered weak box office day of the year, Day 1, which coincides with Diwali and Laxmi Puja, Tiger 3 is rewriting the rules. The advance bookings for Sunday are nothing short of spectacular, with the film closing in on an impressive 5 lakh tickets already. And here's the kicker—there are still two more days to go before the grand release.

National chains such as PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis are witnessing a massive surge in ticket sales. As per the latest update, Tiger 3 has already sold 1.5 lakh tickets in these major chains alone. The breakdown includes 1.25 lakh tickets from PVR and INOX combined, with an additional 28,000 tickets sold at Cinepolis.

But it's not just the big players in the cinema business that are experiencing the Tiger 3 wave. Even smaller chains like moviemax are reporting significant numbers, having sold 3.2k tickets for Day 1.

Intriguingly, the advance booking status has sparked speculation about the film's potential opening day box office collection. As per early estimates, Tiger 3 is poised to cross the 30 crore Net Box Office Collection (NBOC) mark on Sunday—a feat rarely achieved on this traditionally slow day. The excitement doesn't end there; there's a possibility that the film could even touch the remarkable 35-40 crore NBOC range. However, a clearer picture will emerge closer to the film's release.

The expectations for Tiger 3 are sky-high, and if the content lives up to the hype, the film is poised to make history at the box office. The impending release is being likened to a cinematic tsunami, ready to unleash its wave of entertainment in just two more days. The anticipation is palpable, and fans can't wait to witness the roaring success of Tiger 3 on the big screen. Brace yourselves for a cinematic spectacle that promises to be nothing short of legendary.


  1. There will be no wave at the box office, just a riple!! Wrong release date.

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