Tiger 3 Review - A Raw and Relentless Action Spectacle Redefining Bollywood

Tiger 3 is not your usual Bollywood fare; it's a raw and brutal cinematic experience that takes a departure from the typical lovey-dovey narratives. The film is darker than its predecessors and distinguishes itself by eschewing songs and light-hearted moments, offering a relentless focus on action.

The movie excels in the action department, setting a new benchmark that will be hard to surpass. The stunts are at a B-A-A-P level, and they're truly unprecedented in Indian cinema. The lack of a wholesome entertainment package might deter some audiences, but for action enthusiasts, Tiger 3 is a feast.

Salman Khan delivers an outstanding performance as Tiger, bringing magic to the character. He is back to his best and delivers a knockout performance. Rejoice for all Salman fans. Katrina Kaif shines as Zoya, the eternal queen of the YRF Spy Universe, showcasing mind-boggling action stunts. Emraan Hashmi, in the antagonist role, is explosive and plays dangerous mind games with a lethal presence. Shah Rukh Khan's cameo as Pathaan is the highlight of the year, creating mass pandemonium on-screen. The chemistry between Shah Rukh and Salman is described as God-level and unmatchable.

Maneesh Sharma's direction is lauded as fantastic, and the film's scale is huge, looking fabulous on the big screen. The world-class action scenes and impressive VFX work contribute to making Tiger 3 a cinematic spectacle.

Verdict - Tiger 3 diverges significantly from other entries in the spy universe, including Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai, War, and Pathaan. It lacks a compelling musical score and the fun, light-hearted moments characteristic of its predecessors. However, it compensates for these shortcomings with unprecedented and never-before-seen action stunts. The critical question revolves around the readiness of the Indian audience for this unique cinematic experience. While we found it captivating, it may not resonate with all sections of the audience, and some might struggle to understand or relate to the film.

Box Office - Predicting the box office figures becomes a challenging task in this context. Nevertheless, considering factors such as Salman Khan's star power, the Diwali festive season, and the established Spy Universe, Tiger 3 is anticipated to achieve a minimum of 400 crores in Net Box Office Collection (NBOC) in India, securing its status as a blockbuster. The real question lies in whether the film can surpass the 500 crore mark or even exceed expectations, and that answer will unfold in the coming days.

In conclusion, Tiger 3 is deemed a "MASS BLOCKBUSTER". While some may find it lacking in the entertainment factor, especially with no songs and few light moments, the film's focus on a personal mission and its unparalleled action sequences make it a must-watch for action aficionados. Salman Khan is hailed for making a powerful comeback, poised to rule the box office once again.

Rating: ★★★★

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