Tiger 3 First Day Box Office Collection: Smashes DIWALI DAY Record by Huge Margin

Tiger 3 not only shattered the Diwali day record by a significant margin but also stands as Salman Khan's biggest opening to date. It's mind-blowing and almost surreal. No film has ever crossed the 20 crore net mark on Diwali, and here, Tiger 3 has surpassed the 40 crore NBOC milestone. Salman Khan is making a roaring comeback!

The Hindi version of Tiger 3 alone raked in a net collection of 43 crore, with an additional 1.5 crore from the Telugu+Tamil versions. The film's total collection now stands at an impressive 44.5 crore NBOC approximately. The global box office collection for Tiger 3 at the end of Day 1 has reached a staggering 94 crore gross.

Anticipate a significant surge on Day 2 (Monday) post-Diwali, as areas affected by Laxmi Puja join the party on Monday or Tuesday. The film is expected to comfortably cross the 50 crore net mark in these two days, aiming for a minimum of 150 crore net in the first three days. The numbers could even surpass that, considering there are still Friday, Saturday, and the second Sunday ahead. Salman Khan is indeed back with a bang!

Tiger 3 First Day Box Office Collection in India - 44.5 cr NBOC (Hindi - 43 cr NBOC)

Tiger 3 Worldwide First Day Box Office Collection - INR 94 cr GBOC approx

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