Tejas Sunday (3rd Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Report: Dismal Opening Again

Tejas disappointing performance at the box office persists even on Sunday. The movie has experienced a remarkably low turnout in the morning shows of its third day. Audience rejection is evident, and it seems highly likely that the film will conclude its first weekend on a dismal note.

On Sunday morning, Tejas is registering a mere 6% occupancy, similar to its Saturday opening, which was also at 6%, and its Friday opening, which ranged from 4% to 5%.

Tejas Morning Shows Occupancy Report - 

Day 1 (Friday) - 4-5%

Day 2 (Saturday) - 6%

Day 3 (Sunday) - 6%


  1. Dear Ankur, why are you not reporting Leo All Languages (Including Hindi) box office collection and why also not reporting 12th Fail box office collection, which is doing far better than TEJAS and GANAPATH.

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