Mission Raniganj Thursday (7th Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Report

Mission Raniganj Morning Shows Occupancy Report

The Thursday morning screenings for Mission Raniganj are once again experiencing weak attendance, with the film kicking off with a morning occupancy of 3-4%, mirroring Wednesday's figures. The total net collection for the first six days stands at around 17 crore, and the film is expected to reach an approximate total of 18.5 crore net by the end of the week.

Mission Raniganj Morning Shows Occupancy Report - 

Day 1 - 4-5%

Day 2 - 7%

Day 3 - 10-15%

Day 4 - 3%

Day 5 - 2.5-3%

Day 6 - 3-4%

Day 7 - 3-4%


  1. First The Vaccine war, now Misson Raniganj disaster opening. I think some big reason behind it 🤔🤔

  2. Mission ranigunj masterpiece movie.... Blockbuster movie... lifetime collection....200cr.. in India

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