Ganapath Movie Review

Ganapath Movie Review

Star Cast - Tiger Shroff, Amitabh Bachchan, Kriti Sanon

Director - Vikas Bahl

Release Date - 20 October 2023 

Total Reviews - 11

Average Score - 2/5

Overall Word of Mouth (Critics) - Negative

1. DNA -

Rating Score -> 2.5/5
I can go on and on about how bad VFX, predictable storyline, and lame execution killed a movie that has the potential to be the next blockbuster. It is sad to see that a talented director like Vikas, who has entertained us with Queen and Super 30, is directing such films. Also, this was Part One, and a sequel has been teased in the end. God save us from the wrecks of this dystopian world.

2. First Post -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
Tiger Shroff yet again proves he is the 'action-king' in Vikas Bahl's apocalyptic entertainer. Ganapath is a mass entertainer, which is paisa-vasool in every aspect.

3. Times Now -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
The introduction to the universe of Ganapath is too hasty, with no real buildup or substance. The oppression of the poor is seen but not felt. The action sequences when not focused on Tiger are weak. The two worlds of the uber-rich and the poor are also stark, they seem to be from two different time periods and not the futuristic world they are aiming for. The same goes for the visual effects, which become obvious as they move from sequence to sequence.

4. Indian Express -

Rating Score -> 1/5
This Tiger Shroff-starrer is a terrible film. What comes as a surprise is just how terrible this film is, with practically no redeeming feature in its nearly two and half hours run-time.

5. Rediff -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Ganapath's greatest undoing is that it never really started and isn't quite done. All through this 134-minute bore, a mysterious figure in a floor length hoodie and his Transformers style tiger robot appear to be watching the show from the sides.

6. NDTV -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
Tiger Shroff Bulldozes His Way Through The Rubble. Kriti Sanon starts off with a bang and ends with a whimper for no fault of her own.

7. Times of India -

Rating Score -> 2.5/5
The film’s excessive need to offer filmy entertainment through a grave social conflict harms the execution and the story’s immense potential. Unnecessary songs, romance, and humour feel like an interruption to an otherwise grim plot. Shoddy graphics stick out like a sore thumb. They do little to elevate the film’s scale or bring the director’s vision to life.

8. Hindustan Times -

Rating Score -> n/a
The best part about Ganapath is that it ends just when you feel you can't take it anymore. But wait, part 1 only saw the hero being born. Wait for part 2: Rise of the Hero. Watch Ganapath if you can limit your idea of watching a film to some brilliant dance and action moves, and don't expect anything beyond this.

9. The Hindu -

Rating Score -> n/a
Tiger Shroff struggles to salvage this still-born franchise. Tiger Shroff kicks and moves the way only he can, but the Vikas Bahl film doesn’t have the chutzpah to use his talent

10. India Today -

Rating Score -> 1.5/5
‘Ganapath’ offers absolutely no respite. If you expect it to get better in the second half, as Gen Z are often heard saying ‘you are in delulu’. The star cast deserved better. Kriti deserved better. The 'Mad Max' franchise deserved a better tribute, perhaps!

11. Komal Nahta -

Rating Score -> n/a
On the whole, Ganapath will turn out to be a debacle of unimaginable proportions

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