Ganapath Monday (4th Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Report: Awful Start Again

Ganapath's disappointing performance at the box office persists on Monday morning, with a further decline in both the number of shows and audience turnout. Despite an initial poor reception, the film is experiencing a rapid decline in popularity, reflected in its low occupancy levels. 

On Day 4, Ganapath opens with just 5-6% occupancy during morning shows, slightly lower than the 6% on its opening day. Although there's a marginal 10% drop in occupancy, the significant reduction in the number of shows and lower ticket prices contribute to the overall decline in the film's fortunes.

Morning Shows Occupancy Report - 

Day 1 - 6%

Day 2 - 7%

Day 3 - 6-7%

Day 4 - 5-6%

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