Ganapath 4th Day (Monday) Collection Estimates: Disappointing Performance Persists

Ganapath's disappointing performance persists even on the first Monday, with the film failing to attract a decent audience despite reducing the number of shows and ticket prices. The occupancy remains in the single digits, but the silver lining is that the film manages to avoid a complete collapse on Day 4.

On the fourth day, Ganapath sees a meager 7% occupancy. Early indications suggest that the Fourth Day Box Office Collection for Ganapath is expected to be around 1.25-1.5 crore net approximately. Consequently, the film's total collection at the end of Day 4 is estimated to be around 8-8.25 crore net approximately.

Ganapath Day 4 (Monday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 5-6%

Noon - 6-7%

Evening-Night - 8-9%

Ganapath Day 3 (Sunday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 6-7%

Noon - 7%

Evening-Night - 5%

Ganapath Day 2 (Saturday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 7%

Noon - 7%

Evening-Night - 7-9%

Ganapath Day 1 (Friday) Occupancy Report - 

Morning - 6%

Noon - 7-8%

Evening-Night - 8-10%


  1. Dear Ankur, What is your opinion about Ganpath (Part I). Any possibility of Ganpath (Part 2). The makers announced it in two parts.🤔🤔

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