Jawan's Phenomenal Advance Booking: A Historic Triumph

The cinematic storm that is "Jawan" is all set to unleash a historic triumph all across the country on 7th September 2023. The staggering numbers in advance bookings in the national chains are a testament to its unrivaled dominance, with more than 3 lakh tickets already snatched up for Day 1 (Thursday), and there are still two more days to go. This achievement is nothing short of monumental.

Audiences have shown an immense affinity for "Jawan," as reflected in the remarkable numbers. PVR and Inox theaters alone have witnessed a substantial sale of 2.5 lakh tickets for Thursday, emphasizing the film's powerful allure be it in city or B or C centers. Additionally, Cinepolis, another heavyweight in the cinema industry, contributed a substantial 53,000 tickets to the grand total. Combining these figures reveals that "Jawan" has already amassed a staggering 3.03 lakh tickets in national chains for the first day alone.

Update: Miraj Cinemas has sold 28,000 tickets for Day 1. It means a total of 3,31,000 tickets are sold out so far.

Advance Booking Status in National Chains for Day 1 Alone:

PVR + Inox: 2,50,000 tickets

Cinepolis: 53,000 tickets

Miraj: 28,000 tickets

Total: 3,31,000 tickets sold

"Jawan" is on the cusp of making history with its impending release this Thursday. The icing on the cake is that Thursday aligns with the festival of Janmashtami, granting a holiday in most parts of India, which is expected to turbocharge the film's box office collections. A net opening of around 50 crore rupees is almost a certainty, but the film has the potential to catapult into the realm of 60-70 crore rupees in net box office earnings. However, a substantial portion of the final outcome will be contingent on the spot bookings made on that momentous day.


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