Jawan vs Pathaan First Day Occupancy Comparison: Mid-Day Report

Jawan has secured a stronger start in its morning and noon screenings compared to Pathaan, considering only the occupancy factor. However, it's worth noting that Pathaan was released on a regular weekday, whereas Jawan is premiering on a partial holiday.

Both films have similar screen counts and pricing structures, with Jawan possibly having a slightly higher Average Ticket Price (ATP), although this difference is negligible. Pathaan, on the other hand, enjoys a marginally larger number of showings than Jawan.

In the morning shows on the first day, Jawan opened with an occupancy rate of approximately 55-60%, whereas Pathaan's opening was at 45%. In the noon shows, Jawan again maintained an occupancy rate of around 55-60%, while Pathaan's occupancy was approximately 50%.

However, Pathaan experienced a significant surge in occupancy during the evening and night shows, attributed to its release on a regular working day. Pathaan achieved an extraordinary 80% occupancy during those later time slots. It remains to be seen what numbers Jawan will achieve for its evening and night shows.

Up until noon, Jawan is on a trajectory to surpass Pathaan's first-day collections. Nonetheless, if Jawan aims to match Pathaan's success, it will need to exhibit a similar surge in attendance during its night screenings.

Day 1 Occupancy Comparison between Jawan and Pathaan - 


Jawan - 55-60%

Pathaan - 45%


Jawan - 55-60%

Pathaan - 50%


Jawan - n/a

Pathaan - 80%

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