Jawan Day 13 Worldwide Box Office Collection: Touches 900 cr Globally


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September 20, 2023

Jawan Day 13 Worldwide Box Office Collection: Touches 900 cr Globally

Jawan has achieved an unprecedented milestone of reaching a global box office collection of 900 crore at the end of Day 13 (2nd Tuesday), which is truly remarkable. This achievement has generated quite a buzz, and it appears that the film still has a lot of momentum, poised to surpass the 1000 crore mark on a global scale.

In India, Jawan managed to amass an astounding 617.3 crore in its box office collections. Furthermore, the film saw tremendous success in the Overseas market, raking in an impressive 290.2 crore in global box office collections. As a result, the total worldwide collection now stands at an astonishing 907.5 crore approximately.

The lifetime worldwide collection of Jawan is currently trending towards the range of 1050-1100 crore in global box office collections. The film's extraordinary success is evident from its ability to shatter box office records across various regions.

Collection Breakup (in Gross) - 

Day 1 (Thursday) - 129.6 cr

Day 2 (Friday) - 110.8 cr

Day 3 (Saturday) - 144.2 cr

Day 4 (Sunday) - 136.1 cr

Day 5 (Monday) - 54.2 cr

Day 6 (Tuesday) - 46.2 cr

Day 7 (Wednesday) - 38.9 cr

Day 8 (Thursday) - 36.65 cr

Day 9 (2nd Friday) - 38.35 cr

Day 10 (2nd Saturday) - 62.5 cr

Day 11 (2nd Sunday) - 61.15 cr

Day 12 (2nd Monday) - 25 cr

Day 13 (2nd Tuesday) - 23.85 cr

Worldwide Total - 907.5 cr GBOC approx

India Total - 617.3 cr GBOC approx

Overseas Total - 290.2 cr GBOC approx


  1. bhai ja ke dhko dangal ne kitna Collection kia hai oversies me phir batt karo

    1. That is mainly China... No Indian films have released after covid in China