Jawan Sixth Week Box Office Collection: It's HISTORIC AGAIN

Jawan continues its remarkable streak at the box office for the sixth consecutive week, proving to be unstoppable despite the constant influx of new releases. The Hindi version alone raked in a net collection of 580 crore, while the film's overall net box office collection across all languages reached an impressive 640 crore.

In its latest week, Jawan achieved an outstanding and record-breaking net addition of 10.55 crore in Hindi, along with an additional approximately 20 lakh from the dubbed versions. The film is expected to conclude its lifetime collection at around 650 crore net from all languages, with the Hindi total reaching approximately 590 crore net.

Having shattered every box office record, Jawan stands as a formidable force, and upcoming releases will face a significant challenge to surpass its success in the times ahead.

Jawan Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup (Hindi only) - 

Day 1 (Thursday) - 65.5 cr net

Day 2 (Friday) - 46.25 cr net

Day 3 (Saturday) - 68.7 cr net

Day 4 (Sunday) - 71.6 cr net

Day 5 (Monday) - 30.5 cr net

Day 6 (Tuesday) - 24 cr net

Day 7 (Wednesday) - 21.3 cr net

Day 8 (2nd Thursday) - 20.1 cr net

Week 1 - 347.95

Day 9 (2nd Friday) - 18.1 cr net

Day 10 (2nd Saturday) - 30.1 cr net

Day 11 (2nd Sunday) - 34.25 cr net

Day 12 (2nd Monday) - 14.25 cr net

Day 13 (2nd Tuesday) - 12.9 cr net

Day 14 (2nd Wednesday) - 8.6 cr net

Day 15 (3rd Thursday) - 7.25 cr net

Week 2 - 125.45 cr net

Day 16 (3rd Friday) - 7.1 cr net

Day 17 (3rd Saturday) - 11.5 cr net

Day 18 (3rd Sunday) - 13.9 cr net

Day 19 (3rd Monday) - 4.9 cr net

Day 20 (3rd Tuesday) - 4.4 cr net

Day 21 (3rd Wednesday) - 4.45 cr net

Day 22 (4th Thursday) - 5.8 cr net

Week 3 - 52.05 cr net

Day 23 (4th Friday) - 4.9 cr net

Day 24 (4th Saturday) - 8.25 cr net

Day 25 (4th Sunday) - 9.1 cr net

Day 26 (4th Monday) - 6.65 cr net

Day 27 (4th Tuesday) - 1.95 cr net

Day 28 (4th Wednesday) - 1.85 cr net

Day 29 (5th Thursday) - 1.75 cr net

Week 4 - 34.45 cr net

Day 30 (5th Friday)  - 1.1 cr net

Day 31 (5th Saturday) - 2.3 cr net

Day 32 (5th Sunday) - 2.9 cr net

Day 33 (5th Monday) - 0.85 cr net

Day 34 (5th Tuesday) - 0.8 cr net

Day 35 (5th Wednesday) - 0.75 cr net

Day 36 (6th Thursday) - 0.75 cr net

Week 5 - 9.45 cr net 

Week 6 - 10.55 cr net

Total - 579.9 cr net approx

Total (All Language) - 640.2 cr net approx

Worldwide Total (All Languages) - 1143.5 cr GBOC approx

Verdict - All Time Blockbuster


  1. Shahrukh 2.0 updated version 💥💥💥

  2. That's what a real blockbuster look like.. Only Jawan ❤️ best performance of srk till date

  3. How come 11 Cr deserves the epithet 'mayhem'???? It's really confusing....The whole campaign of Jawan smacks of fabrication the way the box office collections are reported upon....There is considerable decline in box office collections but it is reported as if something extraordinary has taken place....There seems to be some sort of exaggeration involved here....

    1. It's 18th day.. And extraordinary.. Which idiot like you you won't understand 🤣😝

    2. @ Truth....Dear that is not the way to talk to somebody...First of all it's my personal opinion and I'm entitled to my opinion....If you don't agree with me, you have every right to disagree....Contradict my opinion and don't get personal....Secondly, perhaps you didn't see I objected the way the word 'mayhem' was used....I opened the post with the hope Jawan had done some extraordinary collections and it surprised me....Furthermore, I have been following the box office collections of Pathaan and Jawan and some people talking about elements of exaggeration....We can not be sure....Sometimes distributors indulge in this kind of stunt to inflate the collections to give the impression that the movie is doing fine collections just to attract the audience and there is nothing wrong with that....As we know how entertainment industry works....This is the way they do things....Furthermore, the track record of Shah Rukh Khan points to these tactics....You know the box office pull of every actor and we also know where Shah Rukh Khan stands....

    3. It's not historic the true reach of a cinema is based on the footfalls it receives. Thats why even if Jawaan reaches 575 Crore it would be a lesser blockbuster than Gadar 2. Though SRK has a good PR team truth will remain.

    4. As per footfalls it has already crossed 3.2 crores with more to come

  4. @Arijit why are you still crying since the release of Jawan?SRK gave 7 Blockbusters that crossed 3 cr footfall.Only Amitabh Bachchan has more than 10 films with 3 cr+ footfall.SRK is a mega star.Accept this and move on.

  5. Arijit True..this is not a historic blockbuster...there have been very few films to cross 5 crore footfalls..and maybe only 2 films have crossed 10 crore footfalls...bahubali 2 and sholay...and then Mother India, Mughal e Azam and HAHK..they have more than 7 crore footfalls..they are truly historic blockbusters...let's c if any film can in near future can reach 10 crore footfalls again..Bahubali 2 reached that landmark 6 years back..so only Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and Prabhas have crossed 10 crore footfalls...that's incredible

  6. Sunny : Don't say maybe. First of all Bahubali 2 have 5.25cr footfalls.
    1- Hum Aapke Hai Kaun 7.2cr+
    2- Bahubali 2 : 5.28cr
    3- Gadar ek prem katha : 5cr+
    4- DDLJ : 4.75cr

    For your kind information Jawaan crossed 3.5cr footfalls.

    Check below link to see highest footfalls.


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