Jawan Second Wednesday Box Office Collection: Dream Run Continues


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September 21, 2023

Jawan Second Wednesday Box Office Collection: Dream Run Continues

Despite experiencing a 30-35% decline in its performance on the second Wednesday, Jawan still delivered an impressive showing. This drop can be attributed mainly to the fact that Monday and Tuesday were observed as partial holidays in various regions of India, and the film is now back to its regular weekday schedule.

On Day 14, Jawan managed to accumulate approximately 8.6 crore rupees in net earnings in the Hindi language. Consequently, the film's total collection in Hindi has reached an astounding 466.15 crore rupees in net revenue. When considering all languages, the film has raked in a staggering approximately 520.4 crore rupees in NBOC (Net Box Office Collection) by the end of the second Wednesday.

It is anticipated that Jawan will achieve the status of an All-Time Grosser by the conclusion of its third weekend. Furthermore, the film still has ample momentum to potentially cross the 600 crore rupee net mark in India. In terms of the Hindi version alone, it is on a trajectory to touch the 525-550 crore rupee net range in India. Within the span of a week, the film is poised to attain the esteemed title of an All-Time Blockbuster.

Jawan Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup (Hindi only) - 

Day 1 (Thursday) - 65.5 cr net

Day 2 (Friday) - 46.25 cr net

Day 3 (Saturday) - 68.7 cr net

Day 4 (Sunday) - 71.6 cr net

Day 5 (Monday) - 30.5 cr net

Day 6 (Tuesday) - 24 cr net

Day 7 (Wednesday) - 21.3 cr net

Day 8 (2nd Thursday) - 20.1 cr net

Day 9 (2nd Friday) - 18.1 cr net

Day 10 (2nd Saturday) - 30.1 cr net

Day 11 (2nd Sunday) - 34.25 cr net

Day 12 (2nd Monday) - 14.25 cr net

Day 13 (2nd Tuesday) - 12.9 cr net

Day 14 (2nd Wednesday) - 8.6 cr net

Total - 466.15 cr net approx

Total (All Language) - 520.4 cr net approx

Verdict - All Time Blockbuster


  1. Shahrukh 2.0 updated version 💥💥💥

  2. That's what a real blockbuster look like.. Only Jawan ❤️ best performance of srk till date