OMG 2 Third Weekend Box Office Collection, It's Fantastic

OMG 2 exhibited a solid hold in its third weekend at the box office, maintaining its strong performance despite facing tough competition from Dream Girl 2 and Gadar 2. Despite a reduction in the number of screenings, the movie managed to draw significant audiences, allowing it to surpass the 135 crore net milestone in India.

During the third Sunday, OMG 2 garnered an approximate net collection of 4 crore, contributing to a fantastic total of around 9.5 crore for the entire third weekend. As of Day 17, the film's cumulative earnings have reached approximately 135.85 crore net. With the way things are going, it's quite likely that the film will come close to, or even achieve, the 140 crore net mark by the conclusion of its third week.

The movie's overall box office journey seems to be heading toward a net collection of around 150 crore, indicating that it has already secured a HIT status and holds a promising chance of being classified as a Super Hit as well before concluding its theatrical run in India. The film is anticipated to maintain its strong performance until the release of Jawan.

OMG 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup

Day 1 (Friday) - 10.25 cr net

Day 2 (Saturday) - 15.3 cr net

Day 3 (Sunday) - 17.55 cr net

Day 4 (Monday) - 12.05 cr net

Day 5 (Tuesday) - 17.1 cr net

Day 6 (Wednesday) - 7.2 cr net

Day 7 (Thursday) - 5.6 cr net

Day 8 (2nd Friday) - 6.05 cr net

Day 9 (2nd Saturday) - 10.5 cr net

Day 10 (2nd Sunday) - 12.05 cr net

Day 11 (2nd Monday) - 3.6 cr net

Day 12 (2nd Tuesday) - 3.25 cr net

Day 13 (2nd Wednesday) - 3 cr net

Day 14 (2nd Thursday) - 2.85 cr net

Day 15 (3rd Friday) - 2 cr net

Day 16 (3rd Saturday) - 3.5 cr net

Day 17 (3rd Sunday) - 4 cr net

Total - 135.85 cr net approx

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