Salaar and KGF: Are They Connected? The Evidence Says Yes

The release of the teaser for Salaar has sparked speculation that the film is part of the KGF universe. The makers have dropped a few hints that suggest this might be the case, and if it is true, it will generate unprecedented hype among moviegoers. Then there is no doubt that the film will have a record-smashing start at the ticket counters and it will decimate all previous existing box office records.

Now, let's explore the connection between Salaar and KGF. Let's begin.

First Hint - The most significant indication so far that Salaar and KGF are connected is a scene in the Salaar teaser that matches the location shown in the KGF 2 post-credit scene. See below -

KGF 2 Post Credit Scene - 

Salaar Teaser Scene - 

Second Hint - The release time of the Salaar teaser at 5:12 AM led to speculation that it is connected to KGF: Chapter 2 because the same time is shown on a clock in the climax scene of the film. This suggests that the two films may be set in the same universe.

Third Hint - The teaser of Salaar shares similarities with the KGF series in terms of its setup, action sequences, and dark theme. These resemblances have led to observations and comparisons between the two. The teaser of Salaar aligns with the style and tone established in the KGF series, further fueling the anticipation and interest surrounding the film.

Fourth Hint - Actress Easwari Rao, who previously appeared in KGF, is part of the star cast of Salaar. Her inclusion in the film adds to the connection between the two projects. Additionally, Garuda Ram (Ramachandra Raju), who was also seen in KGF, is another actor who is part of the Salaar cast. The presence of these actors who have previously worked in KGF further strengthens the link and potential similarities between the two films.


While there is no concrete evidence to prove that KGF and Salaar are connected, the few similarities/hints (that are already mentioned) between the two films have led many fans to believe that there is a connection. It is also possible that the similarities between KGF and Salaar are just coincidence. Only time will tell if this is true, but the release of the Salaar teaser has certainly sparked a lot of interest in the film and its possible connection to KGF.


  1. KGF link in advance put lots of pressure on SALAAR as well as hyped the expectations of fans. After watching SALAAR teaser found nothing new, its look a like KGF-3. But even if it is like KGF then also have a chance for movie to do a good business due to Prabhas FAN following.... Overall Good teaser not excellent.

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