Oppenheimer and Barbie First Day Box Office Collection in India

Oppenheimer's debut in India with the brand power of Christopher Nolan proved to be a massive success. Despite its unique concept, the film had a roaring start, easily surpassing the ten crore mark on its opening day. Although it might experience limited growth on Saturday and Sunday due to its already high performance, it is expected to achieve around 45 crore net approx during its opening weekend and even has a chance at reaching the 50 crore net milestone.

On its first day (Friday), Oppenheimer raked in approximately 14 crore NBOC. The film's collections for both Saturday and Sunday are projected to exceed the 15 crore net mark. With positive word of mouth, the movie has emerged as a HIT, and the chances of a significant drop on Day 2 seem unlikely.

In a surprising turn of events, another Hollywood release, Barbie, also had a strong start at the Indian box office despite facing competition from Oppenheimer and having a limited release. The film managed to collect an impressive 4.5 crore net approx. It is now eyeing a total of 17-18 crore net for the weekend, which would be a remarkable achievement. With a potential to reach the 40 crore net mark and possibly even more, depending on its performance from 1st Monday onwards, Barbie is contributing to the Hollywood success at the Indian box office post-pandemic. Hopefully, this trend will inspire Indian makers and producers to create entertaining content for 'Desi' theatrical audiences as well.

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