Barbie Second Friday and Saturday Box Office Collection, Good Momentum Continues

Barbie displayed remarkable resilience on its 2nd Friday, followed by a significant jump in collections on the 2nd Saturday. This indicates that the movie is not only approaching the 35 crore net mark swiftly but also strongly pursuing the 40 crore net milestone. As a result, it is now on track to be declared a "HIT" in India.

On Day 8, Barbie added 1.75 crore net to its earnings with only a slight decline from Day 7. Subsequently, on Day 9, the film experienced substantial growth and collected around 3 crore net, bringing the total business to approximately 31 crore net.

With the current pace, Barbie is expected to reach the 35 crore net mark on the 2nd Monday and should easily surpass the 40 crore net mark in the forthcoming days. The film's overall earnings are trending towards a range of 40 to 45 crore net, which will be sufficient to secure a "Hit" status for the film.

Barbie Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup

Day 1 (Friday) - 4.5 cr net

Day 2 (Saturday) - 6.5 cr net

Day 3 (Sunday) - 7 cr net

Day 4 (Monday) - 2.25 cr net

Day 5 (Tuesday) - 2 cr net

Day 6 (Wednesday) - 2 cr net

Day 7 (Thursday) - 2 cr net

Day 8 (2nd Friday) - 1.75 cr net

Day 9 (2nd Saturday) - 3 cr net

Total - 31 cr net approx

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