Bloody Daddy Movie Review

Bloody Daddy Movie Review - Critics

Star Cast - Shahid Kapoor, Diana Penty

Director - Ali Abbas Zafar

Release Date - 9 June 2023 (Digital Release - Jio Cinema)

Total Reviews - 10

Average Score - 2.88/5

Overall Word of Mouth (Critics) - Mixed

1. Times of India -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
Bloody Daddy doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s an absurdly funny, unpretentious action- crime thriller that's brutal and brave.

2. Zoom TV -

Rating Score -> 3/5
Despite all its flaws, Bloody Daddy is an honest attempt at a true-blue action thriller. A broody Shahid Kapoor makes it so much better. While you wouldn’t have to spend a penny to watch the movie since it is streaming for free on Jio Cinema, Sasha alone will ensure that you get your time’s worth.

3. India Today -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
Even though Bloody Daddy doesn’t offer the audience elements that they’ve never seen before, the film definitely stands out in the sea of action thrillers. It’s high on thrill, action and full of Shahid Kapoor! Also, that extra 0.5 for his hotness.

4. NDTV -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Shahid Kapoor Takes To The Role Like A Fish To Water. Playing a variation on Farzi's defiantly amoral middle-class rebel, the lead actor assumes the persona of another anti-hero who plays the game by his own rules.

5. Rediff -

Rating Score -> 2.5/5
With its slick cinematography and breathless pace, Bloody Daddy is not really made for OTT, but that's where it ends up.

6. Indian Express -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Shahid Kapoor starrer offers a predictable plot, been-there-seen-this thrills. It has all the ingredients of a pacey thriller but despite the occasional burst, it slumps back into a been-there-seen-this category.

7. Times Now -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
Bloody Daddy turned out to be a surprising film of 2023. I personally feel that it should have been released in theatres. The Shahid Kapoor starrer excels in performances and some technical departments, but is marred by a predictable storyline.

8. News 18 -

Rating Score -> 3/5
If you want to unwind after a tiringly long week and blow off steam, Bloody Daddy is the option. It is light, breezy, fun, fizzy and pleasing to the eyes. Our biggest complaint remains, a spectacle film of this scale and elaborate canvas deserved a theatrical release.

9. Hindustan Times -

Rating Score -> n/a
Bloody Daddy might keep you hooked only for the sheer thrill of watching Shahid do some action and stunts on screen, but it falls prey to its own cliches and tropes.

10. The Hindu -

Rating Score -> n/a
Shahid Kapoor’s action film lacks force. Shahid plays a springy action hero battling a drug cartel in Ali Abbas Zafar’s largely derivative, occasionally funny film

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