Adipurush Second Wednesday Box Office Collection, A Resounding Failure

The Hindi version of Adipurush is likely to end on a disappointing note and is a resounding flop. The film's performance declined further during the second weekdays, and the number of screenings has significantly decreased since Thursday due to the release of SatyaPrem Ki Katha. This indicates that the film's prospects are bleak, and it is unlikely to gain much momentum from this point onward.

Aadipurush managed to accumulate approximately 143.35 crore net box office collection until the end of the second Wednesday. It is predicted that the film will surpass the 145 crore net mark, but it is unlikely to make any significant gains beyond that. The overall lifetime collection is expected to settle around the range of 147-148 crore net. 

Despite a strong start with a net collection of over 110 cr NBOC in the first three days, the film experienced a drastic decline in collections from the fourth day onwards. In fact, the drop in collections was shocking and can be described as disastrous. The film was saved to a significant extent by its initial three days' performance; otherwise, it could have been considered one of the biggest disasters of all time.

Adipurush Hindi Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup (in INR) - 

Day 1 (Friday) - 37 cr net approx

Day 2 (Saturday) - 38 cr net approx

Day 3 (Sunday) - 38 cr net approx

Day 4 (Monday) - 8 cr net approx

Day 5 (Tuesday) - 5 cr net approx

Day 6 (Wednesday) - 3.5 cr net approx

Day 7 (Thursday) - 2.5 cr net approx

Day 8 (2nd Friday) - 2 cr net approx

Day 9 (2nd Saturday) - 3 cr net approx

Day 10 (2nd Sunday) - 3.75 cr net approx

Day 11 (2nd Monday) - 1 cr net approx

Day 12 (2nd Tuesday) - 0.85 cr net approx

Day 13 (2nd Wednesday) - 0.75 cr net approx

Total (Hindi) - 143.35 cr net approx


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