Adipurush Reports Strong Advances, Set to Open Well

Adipurush Advance Booking Report

Adipurush is the biggest release of this month and advance booking has started in most parts of India now. The film is not only reporting strong advances in the southern part of India but also in the northern part of India. Advances are good in the Hindi version also.

As we write film is reporting an advance booking of 14-15% approx on Friday in the Hindi version. Films are finding it tough to take such an opening on Friday nowadays and here comes a film that is reporting such advances with still more than two days left. There is no doubt that the advance booking will speed up from here on. 3D version advances are better than 2D versions.

Adipurush is seeing a lot of bulk/corporate/sponsored bookings so far. This is on the same line as Pathaan. Bulk bookings are also helping the film's cause. Bulk booking is still going rapidly and should continue till the end of the first weekend. Most of the bulk bookings are in the leading national chains PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis. We saw massive bulk booking in the case of Pathaan for the whole extended first weekend and it created a huge buzz at the box office. No doubt Pathaan has created a monster and many films will follow that suit in the coming days.

Adipurush Hindi version should release on 4000 screens across India or even more. The buzz of the film is great so far. There is a concern on the VFX front by many. But that is not hampering the film's advances so far. The storyline is based on Ramayana and we know how strong is that theme. If the film strikes all the right chords then there will be simply no stopping at the box office. We will give more updates on Advance booking close to the release of the film. So far, everything looks perfect and the film is all set to take a big opening on Friday.

Adipurush Advance Booking Report for Friday - 14-15% approx (Wherever Advances are started)


  1. If VFX is not up to mark is ok but where you see The Lord Ram with Moustache. I am a Muslim and i watched Ramayana and even Shri Krishna but never seen Lord Ram with Moustache, 2nd thing in trailer Prabhas Look not convincing as Lord Ram. Let see how the movie is.

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