Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan Rides on Salman Khan Star Power

Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan
is the biggest EID release of this year. The film is special because it stars Salman Khan in a full-fledged role and returning to the theaters after a long four-year hiatus. Yes, he was last seen in Antim and Pathaan but those were cameos or special appearances. Radhe was a digital release, although it was released in a few theaters later on. Hence, that can't be said a proper theatrical release. 

However, despite all the gimmicks, the advances are strictly ok or at most decent. Earlier Salman's films opened to 20+ cr NBOC business in Pre-Eid but this time chances are less. Although if advances speed up today and spot booking for tomorrow shows an encouraging report then that is a possibility. But looking at the advances so far an opening of 10-15 cr nett is on the cards.

The main problem for KKBKKJ is that there is nothing special seen so far in the film except Salman Khan's novelty. The rest of the star cast has minimal to no face value. Yes, Pooja Hegde is a prominent star down south but the same can't be said for Northern India. The teaser and trailer received extremely mixed reviews. This all has led to low advances so far. However, on the positive 2 songs of the film have emerged as a success. Hope it helps to boost the box office collections.

However, KBKJ is looking like an out and out family masala entertainer. Hence, if the content is liked by the audiences, then collections will shoot up like anything on Saturday and Sunday and then the sky is the limit for the film. But again, the director Farhad Samji has failed to deliver a good product so far and hence, don't expect a masterpiece from him. No doubt he is a below-average director if we go through his filmography.

So, everything boils down to the Salman Khan factor now. KKBKKJ will showcase his stardom as it has nothing else going. If the film still opens well on a Pre-Eid it will mainly be due to Salman's stardom. But again his peak will be seen in Tiger 3 which will take a historic start for sure. But before that, he has to pass this acid test. Trade and exhibitors have much fewer expectations from a Farhad Samji film. But their trust in Salman is intact and because of that KBKJ will release in excess of 4000 screens across India. It will only be known on Friday what Salman saw in this Farhad's directorial venture that he put his heart and soul and everything he had to make it a grandeur Eid release. Only one more day is left and we will get all the answers by then.

And finally, never rule out a Salman Khan film. Bhai ki film hai so anything can happen! But for now, it is true that KBKJ is all set to take just a decent opening at the box office. 


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