Gumraah Movie Review

Gumraah Movie Review - Critics

Star Cast
 - Aditya Roy Kapur, Mrunal Thakur

Director - Vardhan Ketkar

Release Date - 7 April 2023

Total Reviews - 5

Average Score - 2.75/5

Overall Word of Mouth (Critics) - Mixed

1. Times Now -

Rating Score -> 3/5
You are in for a treat if you love power-pact crime dramas with unexpected twists. The judwa element in the film is pure work of a good storyline, which might seem a bit undercooked in a few scenes, but overall you won't be disappointed.

2. Times of India -

Rating Score -> 3.5/5
An engaging plot, twists and turns and good storytelling make Gumraah worth a visit to the theatre. The motive behind the murder may not come as a big surprise but the suspense will keep you intrigued until the end.

3. India Today -

Rating Score -> 2.5/5
Is Gumraah worth a watch? Yes, if you have not seen the original. Despite the pace being unstable and the confusion the film creates, you might still enjoy it. However, if you have watched the original, this may not be your pick, unless you just want to savour Aditya Roy Kapur’s hotness on screen.

4. Rediff -

Rating Score -> 2/5
Gumraah has a workman-like approach; old detective shows like CID did a better job of creating thrilling cases. The film trips up because it tries to pack in too much to boost the runtime, when it needs to be crisp and compact, concentrating on the business at hand. The actors just go through the motions too.

5. Hindustan Times -

Rating Score -> n/a
Gumraah won't bore you, but it won't keep you excited with what's about to occur next. It's a pattern seen lately in a lot of criminal versus law enforcement thrillers, that the police officers even with their technology and vast manpower, still remain one step behind the culprit, who has thought at least ten to twenty steps ahead. It doesn't convince audiences nearly as well if the whole plot has to be explained to the audience in a 'here's what happened' flashback.

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