Bholaa 2nd Sunday (11th Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Update


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April 9, 2023

Bholaa 2nd Sunday (11th Day) Morning Shows Occupancy Update

Bholaa has opened slightly better on the 2nd Sunday (11th Day) morning shows. The film is reporting an occupancy of 15% approx on Day 11. For the same, Day 10 morning shows occupancy was around 12-13%. It means a growth of 20% approx is seen.

Bhola is targeting a 4.5 cr nett for Second Sunday going by a usual trend. Numbers could go higher or lower depending on the growth film sees through the day. The second weekend collections are trending towards the 11.5 (+/-) cr nett range. The box office numbers are strictly ok so far and should have been better than this.

Bhola Morning Occupancy Report - 

2nd Sunday (Day 11) - 15%

2nd Saturday (Day 10) - 12-13%

2nd Friday (Day 9) - 9%

2nd Thursday (Day 8) - 5%

Wednesday (Day 7) - 5%

Tuesday (Day 6) - 9-10%

Monday (Day 5) - 6-7%

Sunday (Day 4) - 16%

Saturday (Day 3) - 11%

Friday (Day 2) - 8%

Thursday (Day 1) - 11%


  1. Comparison with Vikram Vedha will be interesting. That one opened to 10.5-11 and good word of mouth, 37cr 3-day weekend and 78cr nett finish (2x the 3-day opening weekend).

    This is also a south remake with action, whose original version people may have watched on OTT. If one is generous, it seems 14+10+12+14=50 4-day opening, and then 2x the 4-day opening weekend (difficult to do, compared to 2x the 3-day opening weekend for Vikram Vedha) will give it 50cr x 2 = 100cr net most?

  2. But,
    Opening will be at max 12.5 Crore.
    It will do around 12.5+9+12.5+14=48 Crore Nett Business in it's 4 Day Extended weekend.

    1. Agree, I was being a bit generous.
      Saturdays get a multiplex bump, so don't know if Bholla will manage a 35-40% bump on Sat, being a massy film. On Sunday it could post a decent bump as mass belts jump on Sunday.
      Either way, 45-50 4-day looks likely.

    2. 3D offered multiplexes could help Bholaa grow by 40% on Sat.
      That will give it 10.15 Sat.
      11.2+7.3+10.5+12.5 = 41.5 4-day.
      80-85 lifetime.

  3. In Weekdays,
    It will collect around 6+5.65+5.05+4.75=21.45 Crore or say 21.5 Crore.

  4. This is a very generous write up Adda :)
    It should have averaged 15cr/day over 4-day weekend for 60cr 4-day, especially since word of mouth is not bad. It will barely manage that over the 8-day extended week (if at all). Wrong release period maybe for a mass action film.