Selfiee vs Pathaan vs Shehzada Screen Count as on 24 February 2023

Selfiee is the big release of the week starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi. The film has managed a decent screening for the first week. Screen count is ok when we see the buzz of the film. However, it could have been wider considering it stars Akshay Kumar. But again Akshay is having an all-time low as far as his career is concerned and that might be a reason that Selfiee got a decent screen count. Film buzz is low and that also meant the advance booking was poor. The film will depend on spot booking and word of mouth to have a decent day 1. If the film fails to show good spot booking then a low opening is on cards.

Selfiee managed to get around 2400-2500 screens approx as on 24 February 2023. Screen count is ok when we see that film failed to generate any decent buzz at the ground level. If we see it as Akshay Kumar's film then the screen count is low.

Shehzada screening is reduced heavily in the second week. In fact, the screening of Shehzada is less than Pathaan which enters week five now. Shehzada has managed to retain just 800-900 screens approx India. On the other hand, Pathaan has managed to retain 1000-1100 screens for this week. Screening of Pathan for week 5 is similar to or even slightly better than week 4. This is simply fantastic news for the film.

Screen Count as on 24 February 2023

Selfiee (Week 1) - 2400-2500 approx

Shehzada (Week 2) - 800-900 approx

Pathaan (Week 5) - 1000-1100 approx


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