Selfiee 6th Day (Wednesday) Morning Shows Occupancy Update

Selfiee Morning Shows Occupancy Update

Selfiee occupancy is low again for Wednesday (6th day) in the morning shows. The film is reporting 3-4% occupancy in the morning shows of day 6. Shows are getting canceled and also reduced now. Everything looks gloomy as collections keep coming down. Selfie is easily the most disappointing release of the year and will be easily one of the biggest flops of all time.

Selfiee Occupancy Report for Morning Shows - 

Day 6 (Wednesday) - 3-4%

Day 5 (Tuesday) - 3.5-4%

Day 4 (Monday) - 4%

Day 3 (Sunday) - 8-9%

Day 2 (Saturday) - 8-9%

Day 1 (Friday) - 6%

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