Selfiee First Week Box Office Collection, Colossal Disaster

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Selfiee emerged as a big disaster at the box office. The film failed to generate any kind of spark in the opening weekend and crashed to earth from Monday onwards. The film is rejected across all of India from the first show itself.

Selfie collected 14.25 cr NBOC approx in the first week. Ideally, this should have been collected by Saturday noon shows at least if not earlier. The way the film is trending even a 20 cr net lifetime collection will be an achievement now. 

The film will entitle massive losses. The sad part is that the word of mouth of Selfie is not that bad at all. Despite that collections are horrific. Akshay Kumar needs to do some introspection now. In fact, he needed to do that in 2022 when all his films failed badly at the box office. 

Selfiee Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 (Friday) - 2.55 cr net approx

Day 2 (Saturday) - 3.8 cr net approx

Day 3 (Sunday) - 3.9 cr net approx

Day 4 (Monday) - 1.25 cr net approx

Day 5 (Tuesday) - 1 cr net approx

Day 6 (Wednesday) - 0.9 cr net approx

Day 7 (Thursday) - 0.85 cr net approx

Total - 14.25 cr net approx

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  1. In 2003, Andaz was a hit with 16cr nboc. First weekend was 4.4cr.
    In 2003 KMG with 47cr nett was the biggest blockbuster.

    Today 47cr gives you a 'Disaster' for super-star budget films, and now Selfiee is doing Andaz numbers.

    Beyond shocking. Not failure of star-power, but of marketing gone fully wrong. Also over-exposure. Off all Akshay films post pandemic, Bacchan Pandey, Prithviraj and Ram Setu justified big screen experience apparently (haven't seen either, but from the trailers and genre). But to be fair, before the pandemic, he was on an insane role. Films doing 190cr+ nboc as if effortlessly. Then Sooryavanchi also doing 200cr. So people took his success for granted.

    Bell Bottom, Raksha Bandhan, Selfiee and likes will in the future all go to OTT. And then you don't need huge stars for that so budgets will come down. Pre-pandemic party is over. Indian poverty increased massively during Covid compared to other nations, and disposable income is less. People may point to Drishyam 2's huge success as a content film. Fair argument, but maybe the first one's huge goodwill helped. Trust is key.

  2. So Pathan is the only Bollywood success this year? Bollywood is not in a good place.

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