Pathaan Worldwide Collection crosses 800 cr GBOC

Pathaan has created history at the box office as film crossed the 800 cr GBOC globally at the end of the second weekend. The film has smashed all existing box office records and is now marching towards the 900 cr GBOC mark.

Pathan Worldwide and Overseas Box Office

Pathan collected a historic $38.7 million (INR 317 cr) approx till the end of day 12 in the Overseas market. This is crazy! The film will easily go beyond the $40 million mark. It is in fact, targeting an unprecedented $50 million overseas now.

Pathaan added a humongous INR 515 cr GBOC from India till the end of day 12. Thus, the Worldwide box office collection at the end of the second weekend stands at a staggering INR 831 cr GBOC. With the third weekend still to come, there is no doubt that it will truly challenge the unimaginable INR 1000 cr GBOC worldwide. It's a HISTORIC BLOCKBUSTER!

Pathaan Worldwide Day Wise Collection Breakup (in INR) - 

Wednesday (Day 1) - 105 cr approx

Thursday (Day 2) - 114.5 cr approx

Friday (Day 3) - 93.5 cr approx

Saturday (Day 4) - 116 cr approx

Sunday (Day 5) - 114 cr approx

Monday (Day 6) - 48 cr approx

Tuesday (Day 7) - 43 cr approx

2nd Wednesday (Day 8) - 33 cr approx

2nd Thursday (Day 9) - 29 cr approx

2nd Friday (Day 10) - 33 cr approx

2nd Saturday (Day 11) - 51 cr approx

2nd Sunday (Day 12) - 52 cr approx

Total (in Gross) - 832 cr approx

India - 515 cr approx gross

Overseas - 317 cr approx gross

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