Pathaan Third Wednesday Box Office Collection, Remains Rock Solid

Pathaan remained rock solid on the 3rd Wednesday (15th Day) at the box office. The film showed excellent hold again and reported a nominal drop of 10-15% from Day 14. This is fantastic considering already a huge number of audiences have already watched the film in theatres.

Pathan added 6.75 cr nett approx on day 15. Thus, the film's total collection currently stands at a massive 452.95 crore nett approx. The film should add another 5.5-6 crore nett approx to its tally before the end of the second week.

Pathaan has already emerged as a historic blockbuster be it in India or Overseas. The only record left for the film to challenge is the 500 cr NBOC mark in India. Again for that to be achieved the film needs a good hold on the 3rd Friday. A solid hold will ensure that the film is on track to touch or even go past the 500 cr nett BOC mark or else it will wrap up inside that mark.

Pathaan Day Wise Box Office Collection Breakup - 

Day 1 (Wednesday) - 57 crore nett

Day 2 (Thursday) - 70.5 crore nett

Day 3 (Friday) - 39.25 crore nett

Day 4 (Saturday) - 53.25 crore nett

Day 5 (Sunday) - 60.75 crore nett

Day 6 (Monday) - 26.5 crore nett

Day 7 (Tuesday) - 23 crore nett

Day 8 (2nd Wednesday) - 18.25 crore nett

Day 9 (2nd Thursday) - 15.65 crore nett

Day 10 (2nd Friday) - 14 crore nett

Day 11 (2nd Saturday) - 23.25 crore nett

Day 12 (2nd Sunday) - 28.5 crore nett

Day 13 (2nd Monday) - 8.55 crore nett

Day 14 (2nd Tuesday) - 7.75 crore nett

Day 15 (3rd Wednesday) - 6.75 crore nett

Total (All Languages) - 452.95 crore nett approx

Total (Hindi) - 436.75 crore nett approx

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