Pathaan shows OUTSTANDING HOLD on 3rd Friday, Marches towards the 500 cr

Pathaan has benefitted from no opposition at the box office this week and has shown an outstanding hold. It has retained the majority of its screenings again for the third consecutive week and is all set to rock in the third weekend. Next week there are two major films are releasing and screening will be affected significantly.

Pathan occupancy details for Day 17 are provided below. When samples are compared with Day 16 a jump is seen as far as occupancy is concerned. However, screens and shows are fewer this week and hence, there will be a business drop despite growth in occupancy.

The early trend suggests Pathaan Third Friday Box Office Collection is heading towards a fantastic 4.5-4.75 (+/-) crore nett approx. Again these are early estimates from the limited samples and the final count for the day may vary.

A solid hold on the 3rd Friday means, Pathan is eyeing at least 20 crore nett for the weekend with good growth on Saturday and Sunday. It means the film should go close to or even touch the 480 crore nett mark by the end of this weekend. The film lifetime collection is heading towards 500 cr NBOC mark in India.

Pathaan Occupancy Details for Day 17 (Samples only) - 

Morning - 5-6%

Noon - 8%

Evening-Night - 15%


  1. Ankur
    Today Pathaan will do around 5-5.1 Crore Nett.
    Tomorrow, there will be around 70% growth and it will collect nearly 9 Crore Nett.
    Sunday will see 40% growth from Saturday and it will do around 14 Crore Nett.
    Total 3rd Weekend Business will be around 28 Crore Nett

  2. Totally agree with you👍
    Let's check third weekend

  3. Sunday will be 15 cr plus , Saturday 9-10 cr

  4. Hope to surpass 500 cr in India.This is the revival of bollywood

  5. But way below Dangal, BB, PK, Sultan according to footfalls..forget about Bahubali 2 footfalls

    1. Show me post pandemic numbers , then talk

    2. Show me that the ticket prices of Pathaan are lower than before pandemic

  6. ATP of Pathaan in Second Week was around 135 Rupees
    In First Week ATP was around 190 Crore

  7. So the footfalls are quite less to the biggest hits of bollywood

  8. Today,
    Pathaan has Crossed 3 Crore Footfalls.
    Data will be available tomorrow or on Monday officially about exact footfalls after 3rd Weekend.

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