Pathaan 2nd Thursday Mid-Day Box Office Report, Remains SUPER STRONG

Pathaan is going steady on the 2nd Thursday (9th Day) at the box office as Morning and Noon shows reports are coming in. The film is reporting a drop of around 15% on Day 9 from Day 8 which is pretty solid trending.

Pathan saw a good jump in the evening and night shows of day 8. The story should remain the same for day 9 also. Day 8 box office collections were around 18.25 cr NBOC from all languages. The way film is moving today it should do a business of around 15-16 cr NBOC for the day. Again final count will be higher or lower depending on how the film does in evening and night shows.

Pathaan is targeting 363-365 cr NBOC by the end of 2nd Thursday. The film should go past the Dangal lifetime collection by the end of the 2nd Saturday (Day 11). The film is on track to touch the 400 cr NBOC mark by the end of the second weekend. 

Pathaan Occupancy Comparison between Day 9 (2nd Thursday) vs Day 8 (2nd Wednesday) - 

Morning - 

Day 8 - 15-16%

Day 9 - 12-13% (Down by 20%)

Noon - 

Day 8 - 17-18%

Day 9 - 15-16% (Down by 10-12%)


  1. 65cr 2nd weekend will give it 430. Just 70 from 500 NBOC.

    Coming Mon-Thu will average 9 over 4 days, giving 35 Mon-Thu
    Then 25 over Fri-Sun gives a 7-day total of 60 Mon-Sun, for 490 NBOC

    40-60 after that seems safe, for 530-550 lifetime NBOC.

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