Pathaan 2nd Sunday Mid-Day Report, Eyes 30 cr

Pathaan eyes an unprecedented 30 cr NBOC or even more on the 2nd Sunday (12th day) as a huge jump is seen across India in both morning and noon shows. This is simply terrific stuff. The film is on a record-breaking spree and looks like history will be written again on day 12.

Pathan is registering a huge jump of 60-70% till the noon shows. However, overall growth will be less as film occupancy will remain flat or may come down a little in the evening and night shows on Sunday. Whereas on the other hand, the film showed a big jump on Saturday in those mentioned shows.

Pathaan needs a 30-40% growth to touch 30 cr NBOC for the day. It is looking on track to achieve that and there is a possibility of even going beyond that. Even if the film fails to touch that it will be just by a whisker. Again we will have a clear update on the collections by the end of the day.

Pathaan Occupancy Comparison between Day 12 (2nd Sunday) vs Day 11 (2nd Saturday) - 

Morning - 

Day 11 - 15% 

Day 12 - 25-30% (Occupancy Up by 80-85%)

Noon - 

Day 11 - 25% 

Day 12 - 40% (Occupancy Up by 60-65%)


  1. With 30cr Sun,
    Mon-Thu would be
    12.5 (-58%)
    10 (-20%)
    8.5 (-15%)
    7.25 (-15%)
    = 38.25
    Even if it averages 9 over 4 days it's 36.
    That leaves it on track for 30+ 3rd weekend (5.5+9.5+15 = 30)
    So if Sunday hits 30, I don't think Pathaan will go under 525 NBOC.
    510.6 (Baahubali2) looks certain at this point.

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